Looping xp (even in safemode)

  skidzy 17:06 04 Mar 2007

This thread starts off a little vague at the moment,so please forgive me.

Symptoms ive seen so far (brief 10 minute visit)

Ok,upon booting the system it enters safemode,none of the commands will work:

Safemode with networking
Safemode with command prompt
Last good configuration
Boot into windows normally

After trying the usual route of F11 and look for a hidden partition to restore/recover...this does not exist,the client has no recovery discs or xp disc.
I do have a XP disc but not to hand at this time,.

I am inclined to think its a corrupted MBR and hopefully repair this at a later date with the xp disc.

But my question is, can this be repaired without the disc,remember i have no access to windows or safemode prompts as this system is in one continuous loop.

Ive had a look in the bios,and all seems well to the best of my knowledge.

If i was to goto Bootdisk.com,would the xp Bootdisk actually help me gain access to windows.Ive used Bootdisk on 98 and 98se and has done me proud,but no experience of using Bootdisk on xp.

The system is being dropped off to me tonight,so my apologies if i do not reply immediately as i will investigate the machine further tonight.

I do recall a couple of similar threads recently with a similar problem.Now this seems to be the result of recent MS updates and resolved by LastKnown Good Configuration.
This does not work,due to the looping system.

As usual,all advice and ideas greatly appreciated.

Thankyou (skidzy)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:18 04 Mar 2007

Only repair for this is a XP repair instal from CD.
Repair with tools from a linux disk or somethmg like BartPE with the necessar tools burnt on.


Re install a disc image using Ghost or Acronis.

  skidzy 18:23 04 Mar 2007

Thanks Fruit Bat /\0/\,if i use the BartPe,..can you advise of the required tools.
I really want to repair this tonight,but sadly do not have the xp disc handy.

Dont fancy Linux at the moment due to a few problems with a Ubuntu live cd last week.(still getting my head around linux)

There was no backup,so Norton Ghost and ATI are out of the question im afraid.

Thanks for the reply FB

  skidzy 18:29 04 Mar 2007

Just a thought Fruit Bat /\0/\,if i use BartPe i will need the os disc..yes ? but if the os does happen to be on a hidden partition ...will BartPe copy that ?

  skidzy 18:44 04 Mar 2007

In trying a dummy run on my system:

Ok,just tried to build the BartPe disc on my system that has the os on a hidden partition... no joy even with show hidden files.

Would it be possible to try copying the i386 file,is this all bartpe needs ?

Thanks again.

  skidzy 19:54 04 Mar 2007

(My Dummy run)

Looks like Bartpe is a no go,i cannot get it to find the os from the partition,though this may be because its the recovery os thats on the hidden partition.

Looks like it will have to be the Windows disc.

Will keep you updated...when the thing eventually appears....waiting since 16.00 today....some people hey,try to do them a favour and they cant even let you know if they will turn up !!

  skidzy 10:10 21 Mar 2007

Reinstall of XP has sorted the problem.Cheers Fruit Bat /\0/\.

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