Lookup on spreadsheets

  steviegee 08:34 02 Dec 2008

I have 2 spreadsheets and I want to know how to see if various numbers are on both sheets. Vlookup won't really work as the numbers could be all over the place on both sheets. I want to select one spreadsheet and if that number is anywhere on the other spreadsheet it is highlighted or something. Thanks.

  VoG II 12:40 02 Dec 2008

Perhaps VLookAllSheets click here

  steviegee 13:32 02 Dec 2008

Thanks VoG™ but I dont have full internet access so will have to look when I get home. But Vlookup only looks in one column doesnt it where these numbers could be absolutely anywhere on the sheet.

  VoG II 17:41 02 Dec 2008

Try this: press ALT + F11 to open the Visual Basic Editor then Insert > Module and paste in the following code

Sub steviegee()
Dim LookRng As Range, Found As Range
On Error Resume Next
Set LookRng = Application.InputBox("Click in cell to search for value", Type:=8)
On Error GoTo 0
If LookRng Is Nothing Then Exit Sub
Set Found = Sheets("Sheet2").UsedRange.Find(what:=LookRng.Value)
If Not Found Is Nothing Then Found.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
End Sub

Change Sheet2 to the name of your second sheet. Close the VBE using the X.

With your first sheet selected, Tools > Macro > Macros, highlight steviegee and click the run button.

  steviegee 08:48 03 Dec 2008

Doesnt seem to be working. What is supposed to happen? Does it highlight the numbers in sheet 2 that are not in sheet 1?

  VoG II 14:27 03 Dec 2008

If the number that you select on sheet1 is found on sheet2 the number on sheet2 will be coloured red.

  steviegee 14:35 03 Dec 2008

Really what I need is any numbers that are on sheet 2 but not on sheet 1 then highlighted on sheet 2!

  VoG II 15:05 03 Dec 2008


Sub steviegee2()
Dim c As Range, Found As Range
With Sheets("Sheet2")
For Each c In .UsedRange
Set Found = Sheets("Sheet1").UsedRange.Find(what:=c.Value)
If Found Is Nothing Then c.Interior.ColorIndex = 3
Next c
End With
End Sub

  steviegee 08:32 04 Dec 2008

It seems to work although it is taking forever. The hour glass has been there for ages and it seems to be doing nothing (however both sheets have a lot of data). Is it a long process?

  VoG II 11:45 04 Dec 2008

It will take ages because it looks at each value on sheet2 and checks for that value in sheet1.
I don't know another approach to this if the numbers can be literally anywhere in both sheets.

  steviegee 11:52 04 Dec 2008

Thanks it has worked now. Out of curiosity of what significance is steviegee in the formula as neither worksheet are titled this.

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