Looks like a new PC then ...

  griffo 09:57 19 Oct 2008

I have been trying to solve a boot problem here on the Forum, sadly without success, so it looks like I stuck with getting a new PC.

As all of our software is written for XP, I'm reluctant to get a system using Vista (also heard so much negative feedback about it). Can anyone suggest a supplier where I can find good quality/value and XP please?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:18 19 Oct 2008

click here and select XP on the next page.(£300 ish) Novatech are highly regarded here, do a search.


  birdface 10:20 19 Oct 2008

If you have your COA sticker on your old computer with the keycode on it. Why not just reformat it.

  Covergirl 10:29 19 Oct 2008

. . . give Vista a try. It's honestly not all that different from XP which again isn't all that different from 2000, ME, 95 and other varieties. Moving from Win 3.11 to Win 95 was different I will say that.

Anyhow, you'll have a small choice of XP suppliers but someone will advise you where to find it if you're so determined to live in the '90's (OK, 2001 for the pedants).

I've said it before but you don't often get people writing in anywhere to say "I'm happy with Vista" (or anything really), people generally write in with a gripe they want to get aired, often thinking they are unique, have been treated unfairly or can't find their own resolution to their particular problem.

One exception to this general rule is this posting click here on your very own PCA forum. You'll find a lot of "Ayes" amongst a few dissenters.

As for me - 2 Vista PC's since Nov '07 and happy with both. No crashes, no BSODs, everything installs and works, but IMHO you've got to be sensible in what you do or try to do with any OS. I'm sometimes at a loss on these forums as to how people get their computers in such a state as requiring some of the more elaborate fixes and reinstallations suggested.

  Technotiger 10:29 19 Oct 2008

Novatech are excellent, but I am with buteman on this one - reformat and re-install XP.

  Covergirl 10:33 19 Oct 2008

. . . presumably you've tried it on Vista and it's various compatibility modes? If it still doesn't work surely your software supplier can supply a Vista version . . . ?

  griffo 10:36 19 Oct 2008

Thanks for the replies. Novatech system looks good value Gandalf, could I do as buteman seems to suggest and install my existing XP onto a blank system?

Covergirl - your points are taken but it doesn't overcome the problem (time & expense) of upgrading software to work on Vista.

  Technotiger 10:38 19 Oct 2008

I agree with your comments re Vista, but as griffo already has XP then the cheapest option is to reformat and reinstall. I am still using XP because I do not have any problems, but if/when the time comes to update my OS, I will have no qualms about getting Vista - at least, no more than I did when changing from ME to XP ... LoL

  griffo 10:55 19 Oct 2008

Reformat & re-install - I presume you mean do this to a new system, you're not refering to my existing PC are you?

Covergirl - MS Office & Acrobat (not Reader) for starters. I don't think either of these will work on Vista without buying later versions?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:58 19 Oct 2008

Reformat & re-install - I presume you mean do this to a new system, you're not refering to my existing PC are you?

Why not?

  griffo 11:02 19 Oct 2008

Hi Fruitbat - because I'm pretty certain that my current problem(s) are hardware based, not OS. Please see here:

click here

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