looks like mega failure, or is it?

  athenrye 11:07 18 Jul 2007

i have a time xp computer
just about full of stuff and was planning a major overhall as it was getting a bit clogged up

anyway when i switched on this morning it is getting stuck on the first text start up screen

my orange trash can light on the front that normally flickers whn loading proccessing etc is permantly on and nothing happens

ive tried to reboot, ive tried to use escape delete f2 f8 f12 when starting to enter the safe mode but i cant get into that

anybody any ideas what to do next
im on my sons computer

  crosstrainer 11:11 18 Jul 2007

Your hard drive may have expired....can you enter the system's BIOS screen (usually DEL or F2 on boot up) If so check your hard drives status from there, I hate to be the bearer of bad news so hope I'm wrong.

  athenrye 11:14 18 Jul 2007

god news, after 30 minutes or so its moved and loaded up
im now into it okay
i assume im neear the end and will have to do something though

  Diemmess 11:22 18 Jul 2007

It could be that there is a motherboard or RAM fault since it seems to stall before attempting to load Windows.

If you are happy to open the box, switch off at the wall and pull the power cable out before doing so.

Check that the RAM strip/s are still locked home. If in doubt try taking the RAM out and replacing in the same slot of course.

You could also try removing the mobo battery for about 1 minute. This will reset the BIOS to the factory default (no difference for most users.)

  birdface 11:22 18 Jul 2007

To start in safe mode,When computer starts just keep tapping F8.If you can get in,Try last good configuration or System restore, If you have already tried that,Make sure the air vents at the back are clear of dust and fluff.If so open your computer and clean up the inside especially the fans,I use a soft hair brush and hover with plastic nozzle.Worth a try.

  keef66 11:24 18 Jul 2007

can you take out the HDD and plug it in to your son's PC as slave to see if you can access your data?

  birdface 11:25 18 Jul 2007

I am on a Tiny computer, And to get to the Bios on that you have to tap DEL when starting up.I suppose Time would be the same.

  birdface 11:30 18 Jul 2007

A good clear out,Try this Optimizer,click here Use the trial version,Will only clean 10 items at a time,But run it as often as you like,It also has a Defrag on it that works very quick if you want to use it.If your computer is playing up.It might be a good idea to back up all your favorite programs just in case,

  Diemmess 11:35 18 Jul 2007

It it is working now, disregard my previous post.

Yes you must act quickly and be sure all data is copied safely elsewhere.

If it goes on working for the time, you have to decide either to clone it all to a new HD (rubbish included) or start and build a new installation from scratch

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