Looking to upgrade processor, advice appreciated

  sleepy01 14:52 01 May 2008

Im looking to upgrade my PC to handle the next gen PC games, at the moment a new PC is out of the question, so heres what i got.
MOBO is an emachines MS-6714 and I have a P4 2.8 Ghz in a mPGA478 socket.
From my limited knowledge a dual core isnt an option with this socket so I was considering getting a P4 3.2 or 3.4 processor.
My question is will a new processor be a simple straight swap or is there anything else i need to consider such as mhz?, also is it worthwhile as maybe it wont give a worthwhile performance boost?.
I'd really appreciate any good advice on this before i waste any money. Many thx in advance.

  sleepy01 16:28 01 May 2008

Yeah its a crappy Emachines MoBo but could you give a little more about why it wont work. I was under he impression it would take a 3.2, im guessing its something to do with the front BUS?
Thx for response all the same

  Belatucadrus 17:05 01 May 2008

If you want to boost games capability, check out a graphics card upgrade and more RAM.
Post what you've already got and what your budget is and I'm sure the gamers here will point you at a suitable bang for buck update.

  citadel 21:05 01 May 2008

you would get very little improvment even if it could go to 3.2,

  sleepy01 23:16 01 May 2008

Thx for replies. Yeah i guess any upgrade there would be minimum, as for RAM i got 2g 400DDR and graphics a Saphire ATI X1650 pro in AGP slot, im using a 400 jeantech psu.
I understand i could get a X1950 AGP card, but would be worried the processor would bottleneck any improvemenets, same with RAM.
Would appreicate some more advice. Thx

  Ditch999 11:51 02 May 2008

An X1950 would be an improvement from the X1650. It costs £115 and for this money you could get a more recent card. The CPU and RAM should not be an issue.

  Ditch999 12:23 02 May 2008

A Radeon HD 3850 perhaps? click here £105.35 + P&P

  sleepy01 17:10 02 May 2008

thx Radeon 3850 looks good, didnt realise it was AGP card. Still concerned about bottlenecking tho and what about my motherboard given its an old MS6714, any possible problems?


  Ditch999 17:18 02 May 2008

Are you sure your motherboard has an AGP slot!? Just checking specs of it and I dont see one.

  Ditch999 17:24 02 May 2008

There are 5 different versions of that board and 3 of them dont have an AGP slot. The ones with the 845GEM chipset do have one.

  Ditch999 17:29 02 May 2008

And if you have the MS-6714 ver5.0 (845GEM) then you can put in a 3.Ghz P4 with the Prescott core!

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