Looking to upgrade multiple areas

  eyros 17:19 19 Aug 2006

Ok... so I bought my machine at the end of 2005. It was my idea to have it put together as something to easily upgrade since I only had about $1,200 to spend at that time. I ended up with the following- You'll have to excuse if my list isn't complete in the information about the parts... I'm not that savvy.

Athlon 64 3500+
GeForce 6600 GT
Dual 512 Patriot RAM
19' Flat panel, 1:600, 8ms
Since then I've gotten a lot of little things put into it that I'm happy with.

GeForce 7900 GT KO Superclocked
Performance mouse, keyboard, speakers, headphones...
So now I'm looking for the next step of upgrades and I'm not sure how to go about it. I didn't realize until recently how lacking my knowledge was about motherboards and such... I just learned about socket types, and found out mine are 939. Anyway, my assumption of where to go next would be

Processor: Looking at 64 X2's. I've read a little on the how and when the 939 will be phased out, so I want to get a really high end part now and not have to do it again sometime later.

RAM: Here I don't know much of anything.. something about clock speeds... how would I know how to upgrade here? Do I have another 2 slots open? What parts would work with the ones I have now?

Video Card: As far as I know you have to run identical cards in SLI right? This 7900 GT has been decent for how buggy everyone seems to says this generation has been. I wouldn't be opposed to throwing another in here, but if I do, what should I know?

Cooling: Again, lacking over all knowledge, but bringing down the heat is always something smart to do right? What's a good choice for something additional here? I've got a pretty spacious case.

Media drive: My system currently just has a DVD-R, CD-R/W/RW combo, so throwing a DVD-W combo of sorts would be a good thing to have right?

And by that point I'd be pretty sweet right? Any comments at all will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  FelixTCat 17:30 19 Aug 2006


The fastest processors are going to be the Intel Core 2 Duos, which will require a new motherboard.

You will speed up disk access if you get another similar HDD and set it up as striped RAID - note that with striped RAID if one disk fails you lose all your data.



  DieSse 17:52 19 Aug 2006

What upgrades may make sense depend on what you do with your system, and where it doesn't do that quite well enough. Unless you're fairly clear what you want to acheive, it's very difficult to make any suggestions.

Power Supplies are an area where many people skimp - have you got a good, quiet, well specified power supply?

Cooling - it's a case of choosing a top-class heatsink, and a good quality quiet fan.

You could fit a sound-deadening kit to your case.

Are you well setup for backups - a second, removeable hard drive, for instance.

This site is good for PSUs and Coolers. click here

With care you can make your system almost silent.

  gudgulf 18:55 19 Aug 2006

Don't neglect your sound.........click here

OEM version of Creative X-Fi Extreme Music.

I've just put one in my own pc and the improvement over the onboard sound (or my ancient SounBlaster Live 5.1) is incredible.

  eyros 19:00 19 Aug 2006

Ah yes sorry I forgot to mention my uses for the system. All gaming and just basic web use.

And I should add for that first reply I got, I'm not looking to change motherboard, everything but.

I believe my power supply is a 550. If I do end up with all the upgrades I mentioned I would like I'll probably need something real beefy then eh?

The cooling, I don't even know what heatsink are exactly. They're just some type of metal piece with no electronics or something right? And I haven't any fan upgrades, just my stock case. My case by the way has an entirely punched hole surface so it's completely open to blow this hot air out I guess. But so where would one go in this area? From what I have gathered there are fans designed to be put right onto cards... case fans, and are there fans that just kind of go anywhere inside the case to circulate air?

Backups... eh, got nothing there. I would definately like something in that area.

Well lets see, the sound level hasn't been a factor really. The level of sound it gives right now isn't much, I havent heard many to be able to say if its quiet or not but I like it and even use it for white noise when I sleep.

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