Looking for updates for Desktop

  birdface 19:17 07 Sep 2011

Hi.I was looking to see if there were any updates for my Computer and the medion page gives me this.


Is it telling me that I need all those updates or is it just giving me a choice of what to pick.

Somehow I do not think this is going to work I will try reposting if it doesn't

  birdface 19:23 07 Sep 2011

Got it this time.

Is it just telling me that that is the drivers for my Computer and if I need one to choose which one.or should I be downloading them all.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:33 07 Sep 2011

Yes all those updates are available - do you need them? no not if everything is working OK.

  birdface 00:18 08 Sep 2011

Fruit Bat /\0/\

That was the problem not sure whether I needed them or not.

How do I find out what drivers I already have for those programs.

I was thinking about doing a Factory restore within the next week so maybe no point worrying about those updates.

Sent Medion an e-mail today about a problem I have had on this since I bought it new.

So will wait till they reply before doing a factory restore.

I am looking for the likely cause of the problem.

Sometimes when the computer starts it sort of grinds to a start and you can here the hard drive going very slow and you know it is going to take 5-10 minutes or more for the computer to get far enough so that I can close it down properly.it usually works ok on the next boot up.

I thought that maybe it was a dodgy starter switch or a bad hard Drive or someone said maybe a dodgy PSU.

It only happens about twice a week and has done since new but a bit of a nuisance when it does it.

The round globe appears to stop and start when trying to boot and like I said grinds to a start is what I would call it.

I have done all the usual chkdsk/ scannow/ defrag/.

Ran most security programs and found nothing.

I have never ran any of the CD's that came with it as it worked fine after switching it on from new.

German company and the last thing I want to do is send it over there for repair.Saying that it was taken over by a company from China recently.

I did run a few updates from the AMD control center last week but no difference.

So anyone got any ideas as to what could be the problem my own thoughts are a bad start switch.

  Snrub 00:27 08 Sep 2011

Sounds possibly like a hard drive bad sector problem. Have you checked the health of the hard drive by running something like HDD Sentinel free on cnet.com?

  birdface 09:50 08 Sep 2011


Tried it and no actions needed it said.

Quite a lot of the tests you could not run unless you paid.

It will only do the short test but I suppose thats enough.

Not something I would not want to keep on my computer but may hold on to it for a few days.

I will keep it till I get one of the computer bad starts and run it again and see what it comes up with.

I don't think it actually checks the hard drive itself the short test I ran only took 1 minute.

Mind you with something like that I am not sure what I am looking for anyway.

  john bunyan 10:13 08 Sep 2011

Maybe if it ain't broke , don't fix it? I suppose you could make a restore point before trying the update.

  birdface 11:08 08 Sep 2011

Maybe if it ain't broke!!! It is.

I am not sure if it meant me to download all of those updates or it was giving me a choice of what to install if needed.

I just put my Medion model into there drive updates to see what they had to offer and that's what they came up with

I was thinking along the lines of maybe it was a Bios update that I needed but that was not mentioned.

I have got the feeling that Medion are going to tell me to try a Factory restore before they go any further.

I have a few free full programs with keycodes and will loose them if doing a factory restore is there any way of saving the programs with the keycode included or I am liable to loose some of them.

Avast Internet Security is one that I downloaded from a different forum on one of there Givaways and I don't think that if I had to download it again it would accept the keycode.

1st time I have used avast and I am quite happy with it.I have others from givawayoftheday which I may not be able to download again.

  john bunyan 14:14 08 Sep 2011

I keep such downloads in a folder prior to installing so could reinstall if needed. Does not help your situation though. My wife has a Toshiba laptop and there are occasional updates to, for example, the BIOS. I have updated the obvious ones such as the BIOS, WLAN driver etc. Maybe worth going through the items in Device manager then right clicking and select "Update Driver". Hope you solve it.

  birdface 14:34 08 Sep 2011

john bunyan

Ok thanks I will have a look in device manager.

  birdface 16:29 08 Sep 2011

Ignore the list of updates posted I already had newer updates installed for some and almost downloaded an XP one by mistake,

So that was a bit of a red herring.

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