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  alan in spain 14:01 23 Sep 2005

a friend has aked me to help design a web site and wants a "page turning effect" when you go look at further pages on the site. she wants the home page to look a bit like a scrapbook and the site to look as if you are reading through it page by page.

is this a realistic option for a beginner like me ?

i am basically self taught on dreamweaver and have used some flash based stuff in the past.

anyhelp please ?

  De Marcus™ 16:00 23 Sep 2005
  De Marcus™ 16:04 23 Sep 2005
  PurplePenny 17:22 23 Sep 2005

What sort of site will it be? I have to say that if I had to visit many pages with that turning effect I get bored very quickly and leave the site. I was fed up before I even got to the end of that demo!

  alan in spain 09:17 24 Sep 2005

thank you De Marcus i will go look at those today.

PurplePenny : the site is for a small consultancy web site dealing with "boring" subject matter but they want to jazz it up a bit to get away from the old staid type of financial service boring page.

The reason they asked me about the effect on the web is because they have a brochure printed in that style and wanted to mirror it as some form of corporate image. Like you, I think its boring but apart from gently advising your friends that their idea is a pile of poo, i thought i would ask you guys rather than lose my friends :-)))))

any other tips greatly appreciated


  PurplePenny 11:20 24 Sep 2005

"i thought i would ask you guys rather than lose my friends :-)))))"

Sounds reasonable to me :-) (I did something similar just a couple of weeks ago.)

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