Looking for safe download for keeping bank balance records

  sdmck 16:36 18 Aug 2012

I used to have Microsoft Money on my old computer and would now like to be able to keep bank balance records on this new computer. Does anyone know of a programme I could download for free? Also, I presume that the information would be secure and only able to be viewed from my machine.

  lotvic 16:56 18 Aug 2012

Microsoft Sunset is free: Chronus's posted Yesterday at 9:40AM in W7 forum (a different thread) link to info on google search or ClickHere for Microsoft that free prog should do what you want.

  KRONOS the First 16:56 18 Aug 2012

You could just encrypt the folder where you store your files.

  KRONOS the First 16:59 18 Aug 2012

Microsoft Sunset might be what lotvic is referring to.

  sdmck 17:05 18 Aug 2012

Thanks folks. Will look into Microsoft Sunset. Never used encrypting before but makes sense, ta.

  iscanut 17:12 18 Aug 2012

I am still using Microsoft Money 2005 version on my Windows 7 pc 32 bit..works fine without any problems. Why not try it on your new machine ?

  sdmck 17:23 18 Aug 2012

Would I just transfer it from the old machine using a memory stick?

  iscanut 20:40 18 Aug 2012

My previous data would not restore so I just reinstalled from the CD and set up my accounts again from scratch. I know I lost all my old data but that was not a problem to me.

  sdmck 11:41 19 Aug 2012

Think I will try and download Sunset - there were a couple of things I didn't like about the old Microsoft Money anyway. Thanks all for your help.

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