Looking for a program to....

  User-A9A90269-9442-4E72-841B36635E4BF37A 00:23 22 Aug 2005

Hi guys and girls, im looking for a program with a very specific purpose, i know one exists, but i just cant find one, i hope someone can help me, my problem is that.....

Im going to uni in a month, and i want to leave my pc at home on constantly just connected to the internet via broadband, but i want to be able to access my computer via the internet to pick up certain files while im at uni. I dont want to put files on a site like foldershare.com as i do not know what files ill want off my computer while im at uni.

someone please help or give me an alternate idea, thanks :)

  Nelmon2k 00:41 22 Aug 2005

Personally I would put all the files you want in a folder and share that folder using apache. Then use a .htaccess file to stop people accessing this without a password.

  Taff36 00:45 22 Aug 2005

This is the only one I know of but have never used it click here Type "Virtual Private Networks" into google for more.

  DieSse 00:50 22 Aug 2005

Why not use a portable USB hard drive - you'll get all your data onto one without any problems, and can just carry it around and plug-in wherever you are.

Imagine the hassle you'll have if your system throws a "wobbly" and you can't get remote access to it!!!!

  Chegs ® 01:00 22 Aug 2005

real vnc click here will allow you to access your home PC from where-ever.If you set it up with a password,then only you can access it.

  Nelmon2k 01:27 22 Aug 2005

RealVNC is very good for controling your pc but not for getting stuff from one computer to the other.

thanks ill prob us vnc, and ill prob buy a portable hard drive to back my music up anyways, thank u [-_-]

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