Looking for new Motherboard

  Piggy,Piggy 20:19 24 May 2003

I am looking for a Chaintech 7NJS ZENITH motherboard, does anyone know where to get one?

  MartinT-B 20:32 24 May 2003

What the hell??

You posted this at 20.10. I responded at 20.14

click here

Now you start a new topic with a new title at 20.19 with same subject.

Did you think no-one would notice??

  Piggy,Piggy 20:34 24 May 2003

i had only got ONE, yes ONE response which WASNT TOO HELPFUL so i decided to start a new post with a less daunting subject name

  MartinT-B 20:37 24 May 2003



It's saturday night - 8pm - dinner, entertaining folks, going out, in short, real life is taking place.

Give it 24 hours THEN bump your original post. which BTW was much better titled.

  Rayuk 20:38 24 May 2003

Is this the one
click here
If you want to look any further try search in google[uk search]"Chaintech 7NJS"

  MartinT-B 20:40 24 May 2003

and BTW, I told the truth. I marched up and down Tottenham Court Road for 4 hours going into both computer fairs and every single PC shop one Saturday afternoon.

NO-one had that board. I then spent 6 hours searching the intenet for it and could only find it for sale in the USA and Far East. That's why I rang Chaintech direct.

  rev.bem 20:58 24 May 2003
  rev.bem 20:59 24 May 2003

Oops don't know where number five came from.

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