looking for a new laptop

  malgall 17:13 09 Sep 2008

the main question i have is when something goes wrong after a year who would fix it

i own a dell desktop so have been thinking of getting a dell laptop with nice 3 or 4 years of cover.

but also i have seen HP samsung and a toshiba
and a medion akoya from my local sainsbury
looks great deal but fixing them later

  Ozy 17:32 09 Sep 2008

its not often modern machinery goes wrong,
my laptop did as soon as i got it home,but Curry's were very good, sent it to HP, and it was back in 10 days with a new motherboard,that was 11 months ago after constant use,it never gives any trouble.and if it did i would not repair it,
new ones are so cheep. and why would you keep a laptop 4 years it would be hopelessly out of date

  AL47 17:48 09 Sep 2008

i love my dell laptop,

id say go dell if youre going mid-high range or above, mine is a petty high end laptop and its nice having a warranty

ive seen some shocking low range dell machines about a year or so back tho

i have an xps m1710 by the way and it survived a fall down 10 wooden stairs into a skirting board while being on, only a single scratch

dont get much better than that

  malgall 18:37 10 Sep 2008

yes a dell xps do look like a good option

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