Looking for a half decent laptop :)

  playthoseblues 15:53 24 May 2012

Hi Folks,

I've been looking to purchase a new laptop for a while now, as the one I have is getting pretty slow and the parts in it are ancient! I'm hoping to sell it to someone in the family, but I've been trying to find a new one with half decent parts for about £400.

I've scoured some sites and asked some friends and they pointed me towards an HP Pavillion DV6 http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/hp-pavilion-dv6-6005sa-refurbished-15-6-laptop-white-11102597-pdt.html... (a refurb I think)

I've also been on PC World and seen a Lenovo laptop: http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/lenovo-z575-15-6-laptop-gun-metal-11884717-pdt.html

I don't know too much about computers, but I'm looking to get one whereby I can play some modern games such as Minecraft, Total War and other modernish games but also to store a lot of music on.

I've also spotted an HP G6, I heard there quite good http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/hp-g6-1336sa-15-6-laptop-charcoal-12303695-pdt.html?intcmpid=display~R...

So! Does can anyone recommend me with which laptop to get? Or do you know any other laptops that are better which I can buy for about £400

Thanks Guys!


  Nontek 16:07 24 May 2012

http://www.novatech.co.uk/laptop/range/nspire2350.html I very strongly recommend this one from Novatech. Big plus-point is NO Bloatware, unlike HP!!

  john bunyan 16:16 24 May 2012

I would look at John Lewis (2 Year guarantee) and a Toshiba in your budget . See: J Lewis Toshiba

  KRONOS the First 16:39 24 May 2012

You will not get a decent gaming laptop for £400 I'm afraid to say. I have no idea what specs you need for total war but I know a friend had to upgrade his graphics card in his desktop to play it. But I may well be wrong on this.

I have just bought a small netbook from John Lewis with the 2 year warranty and it was the fact that no one in curry's or Comet or PC World seem to be able to answer any reasonable question I put to their sales staff about various laptops I was interested in.

  playthoseblues 16:57 24 May 2012


Thanks for your replies so far, I did have a look at the Novatech, but once I purchase the operating system it goes a bit out of budget!

I'm not looking to run games on really high settings so to speak but at a moderate level really. I will actually check to see what if John Lewis do the G6 Model too.

Thanks for your replies so far!

  playthoseblues 16:59 24 May 2012
  KRONOS the First 17:54 24 May 2012

This might be worth a look. Toshiba.

Or this,Toshiba 2.

And another. HP.

  playthoseblues 06:48 25 May 2012

Thanks Chronus

Really interested in the HP, I've got a Toshiba already but I'm not very pleased with them if I'm honest.

Would the HP be capable of running games moderately (2-3 year old games)


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