looking to get gaming rig!!

  Pez87 15:44 12 Jan 2006

hi i was just wondering if anyone has any suggestions for a gaming rig.

ill let u know now that im not interested in ATI graphics cards and neither the Pentium processors so im looking for somthing in the range of £1500 or around that!

so looking for somthing around this spec:

processor:- x2 AMD 4200 or 4400
graphics card:- nvidia 7800 GTX
HD:- about 300GB
ASUS motherboard
keyboard mouse etc...

thanks for the help


  rods 15:57 12 Jan 2006

Hi Pez,

I just bought a new 7800 GT OC from hear:-

click here

The card i got was the top one at £204 + vat, theres a few on there so may be worth a look.

Its the cheapest i found for that card anyway.

Good luck with your other bits.

  rmcqua 16:03 12 Jan 2006

Try the best one of these 3 (it exceeeds your specs.) with the monitor of your choice and still have a tidy bit of change left out of your budget.
The only bit I wouldn't expect to fit would be your need for an Asus m/b, but that wouldn't bother me. You can be sure that the m/b Novatech use will be a good one.

click here

  Pez87 16:39 12 Jan 2006

hi guys,
i havent heard of Novatech r they a relyable company?

thanks rods and rmcqua for the info


ps still open to more suggestions.

  Methedrine 19:27 12 Jan 2006
  GuZ><0r 19:29 12 Jan 2006

I haven't myslef had any experience with Novatech, but I know that they are a very good company, and many people on these forums suggested them. Hope this helps.

  Totally-braindead 19:41 12 Jan 2006

They are reliable, one of the better companies. Not perfect but definately one of the better ones. Whatever you get mate I'd want one with SLI for the graphics, that way if it starts to stuggle a bit with a particular game you can just buy another card the same as what you have and spread the load a bit. The Alienware ones are good but very pricey. Have you considered something like this click here pick your own hard drives, graphics card, optical drives and operating system and you're done.

  hzhzhz 19:49 12 Jan 2006
  Pez87 22:55 12 Jan 2006

thax guys uve bn a real help, i think i might try the novatech choice coz it is very cheap and it look good the choice is a bit limited but it will do. i would prefer to have an ASUS motherboard but i might just get that l8er.

thax again


ps- feel free to keep sending me options (might change my mind)

  rmcqua 08:46 13 Jan 2006

If you talk to Novatech before ordering it, you may find they will put an Asus m/b in it.
All the best,

  Pez87 17:50 13 Jan 2006

hi again ive done some research and i can get a mesh computer with everything i want and its under my budget!!

what do you think??

i think im ganna go with them.


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