Looking for freeware in Logo making

  Revi 08:17 24 Nov 2004

Are there free (and yet without any strings) programs available to construct own logos?

  Diodorus Siculus 08:26 24 Nov 2004

Graphical logos?

Try the Gimp: click here but it may be a little overkill.

  Jeffers22 08:48 24 Nov 2004

If you can get hold of a mag cover cd with an non current version of Serif Page Plus, it includes a logo maker within the software - I think it's called logo plus or Dr Logo or somesuch. It is a desktop publishing program and one of the ways they market it is to release a version that is two or three releases out of date to the PC mags with a "special offer" to update. It's not a bad prog either.

  Revi 08:50 24 Nov 2004

The warnings scare me! Thanks for the info anyway, will try it sometime later perhaps.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:52 24 Nov 2004

Sorry about that - I've never had any problems with it...

As suggested, try Serif - look at click here and you may be able to get what you need.

  Revi 08:52 24 Nov 2004

Tanks. Am just trying Serfif Draw plus, it's not bad!

  Revi 08:52 24 Nov 2004

Tanks. Am just trying Serif Draw plus, it's not bad!

  Revi 08:54 24 Nov 2004

Sorry for the typos!
Thanks. Am just trying Serif Draw plus, it's not bad!

  Revi 08:56 24 Nov 2004

Just working on it, thanks again!

  Jeffers22 08:59 24 Nov 2004

The Serif product range is as you say, not bad. However I was rereferring to the specific logo creator that is part of Page Plus. You start a new document and the tool bar has an option to add/create a logo within the document. It's the one thing I miss since switching to Publisher.

  Jeffers22 08:59 24 Nov 2004

Me to - too many re's - should have been referring

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