Looking for file/slide scanner recommendations?

  compumac 20:25 25 Oct 2009

I require a slide/film/transparency scanner.
I have a need to produce a large number of family photographs initially from old/very old 35mm colour slides, secondly - from 35mm monochrome film strips and then thirdly (maybe) transparencies. These are needed to be produced in the next few weeks. I would normally spend a considerable amount of my time researching the subject before purchase but time is very limited as I have several thousand photos to look through and make a selection and that alone will take some considerable time.
Whereas I will continue to research the subject I would appreciate any advice whatsoever on the subject of suitable scanners available on the market, and importantly what to avoid.

  compumac 09:30 26 Oct 2009

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  Tonsie 14:34 26 Oct 2009

Hi compumac
I've recently was looking for same
Look at Digital World Forum.Which 35mm Slide Scanner Posted 28-09-09.Maybe this will help

  Bagsey 17:21 26 Oct 2009

I have recently upgraded my Scanner to an Epson Perfection V300 Photo and can not praise it enough.It will do all that you need and more. 35mm film strip. 35mm slides. and best of all you can fit as many prints ont the deck as you like( different sizes) so long as there is space between them and it will scan them in one pass as individual photos. Not as a sheet that leaves you having to cut and paste. Best of all I got mine quite by chance in TESCOs for just over £65.00. Very satisfied owner.

  Muergo 17:31 26 Oct 2009

I have a Canon Canoscan D2400U which does film slides up to 2 1/4 square roll fim120 type format.

I have hardly used it at all and considering selling it because Canon won't do a driver for Windows 7

The replacement is about what I paid for this one £220

If you don't need anything larger than 35mm then there are cheaper ones but beware of driver as I said.

  compumac 17:31 26 Oct 2009

Oddly enough it was the Epson Perfection V300 that I had initially looked at. A large majority of my 35mm film is black and white negatives. How do they perform?
Unfortunately I found at 5:00 am this morning that my dining room was flooded and I have just, since then, stopped to have a breather, so I will respond in more depth when I have recovered from my exertions. Wife advises on priorities.

  Toneman 18:27 26 Oct 2009

I also have an Epson, the V200 PHOTO, probably earlier model than the V300, but very satisfactory. I scanned all my old 35mm negs, some 2500. Does strips of up to 6 at a time,I used full auto mode, very easy and good results.

  Bagsey 18:40 26 Oct 2009

Used in conjunction with a program like Paintshop Pro there is no problem doing black and white negative film or slides. I scan the negative then use the option for negative image which in this sense just reverses the image that you have. Negative to Posative or vice versa.
I previously owned a canoscan 1250OU which just died after many years of service, but I can say that it was not a patch on this Epson for convenience of use.

  the real Ali G 18:51 26 Oct 2009

If you have considered a dedicated film/slide scanner like the Veho - BEWARE!

I have a friend who bought the latest one which boasts a viewer (miniscule one on the unit itself) and scanning direct to SD - WOO HOO!
DO NOT buy this model as it is very difficult to preview the scanned image.

My friend said it sometimes took 20 goes at getting a decent image (as far as she could see on the miniscule screen!) and if it wasn't for the fact that she was doing it so that her dying mother could look at old photos on a digital picture frame in hospital, she would have thrown the thing across the room after 30 minutes of using it!

Make sure you go for a previous model (or similar machine) which does not have the [miniscle] screen and requires you to preview your scanned images on your PC.

  the real Ali G 19:01 26 Oct 2009

For what it's worth I think Bagsey's recommendation is good enough for me.

We have been oomin and ahhin about which scanner to buy for a year now! My hubby also has a mega stash of slides and Xparencies so he doesn't want to dedicate the whole of his retirement to faffin around with inferior hardware/software. It's gonna be the V300 for us.

Thanks Bagsey!xx

  compumac 20:31 26 Oct 2009

I read sometime last week warnings about the Veho and was the reason for starting this thread as without any knowledge of slide scanners it made sense to ask users for their opinions. I had considered the Epson V300 but my recent home flooding have stopped my research for the moment so picking other peoples brain seemed sensible.

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