Looking for an extremely cheap 2nd hand monitor

  TommyRed 22:04 08 Jun 2004

The monitor on my system is playing up, it's a Medion 15" TFT, It's still under warranty and I've spoken to them and it looks like it'll need to go in. They reckon up to 28 days to fix it or replace it, there'll be an uprising in this house if we've got no PC for a month. So I was going to look in the local free paper for one for about £15-20 or so, e-bay haven't got any in my area p&p is prohibitive. Can a normal portable TV be used? If so how? TR

  pj123 22:24 08 Jun 2004

Try here click here secondhand 15" monitor £35. You should be able to sell it on ebay to recover some, if not all of your money back, once you have got your own TFT back.

  Gongoozler 22:26 08 Jun 2004

You can use a portable tv if your video card has tv out. The pictures may be tolerable, but text will be virtually useless.

  TommyRed 22:36 08 Jun 2004

With the delivery charge it'll be too expensive, delivery for a monitor is about £15 which is more or less what I want to pay. TR

  Simsy 22:49 08 Jun 2004

at that sort of price at a computer fair?

See what's in your area at the weekend.

Good luck,



  pj123 22:53 08 Jun 2004

OK, here's one on ebay, current bid is £2.20.

click here

and here's another £1.00

click here

and another £10.

click here

  pj123 22:57 08 Jun 2004

Alternatively, I have an old Compaq monitor you can have for the postage only. If you reckon the postage is £15 that's what you can have it for. email me your address if you want it and I will get it off to you immediately.

  cyberphobic 22:58 08 Jun 2004

TommyRed, Ebay is the only place where you're likely to pick up a reasonable monitor for the price you want to pay. I have just checked "completed items" i.e. what monitors have previously sold for - £5, £10, £15 etc. One seller is advertising good quality 15 inch monitors delivered to your door for £29.99. If you're not familiar with Ebay, don't be put off, every day thousands of people in this country buy and sell their items and are very pleased with the transaction.

  norman47 22:59 08 Jun 2004

If you could point out the general area you live in then you may find that some forum members may have a spare crt in the loft. Put there for a rainy day. lol

They may offer you a loan of said monitor till you tft comes back.

Most, if not all, forum members I think would be glad to help. Well being without a computer for a month, worse than the wife coming back from the mother-in -law. :-)

  sidecar sid 23:12 08 Jun 2004
  TommyRed 12:59 09 Jun 2004

No computer for a month is worse than the wife coming back WITH the mother-in-law. I have e-mailed pj123 to take him up on his kind offer of the compaq for the cost of the postage. BTW I live in Wrexham, North Wales right on the border. TR

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