Looking for External HD

  donki 14:17 19 Feb 2007

Hi folks, starting to fill my internal HD nearly 3/4 full now and wanting to shift it out (will this improve performance?). Looking at the WD My Books cause they look the part and seem to be getting decent reviews. Question is should i get the standard 1 with USB 2 or the Higher spec with firewire 400/800 and USB?? Wot is the difference apart from transfer rate?

See below :

My Book - click here

My Book PRO - click here

  wee eddie 14:38 19 Feb 2007

but arguably only with large files such as movies and the like.

  keef66 16:25 19 Feb 2007

I'm getting the one with the choice of firewire / usb, because atm I have an unused firewire port, and all the usb's are occupied most of the time.

I'm not too worried about shaving a few nanoseconds off the time it takes to run a backup; I'm off making tea or watching the footy.

  donki 18:32 19 Feb 2007

Is it possible to install a OS on them?

  Jak_1 20:31 19 Feb 2007

There is a cheaper option, get a hard drive enclosure and an internal HDD of your choice. Then you efectively have a custom Ext HDD that should you require even more storage all you do is get another internal HDD and swap them round. It takes about 2 mins to swap a HDD in this enclosure.
Firewire and USB 2 speeds are for all intense and purposes the same, USB 2 has the marginal edge over firewire but it is not noticeable.

  Jak_1 20:32 19 Feb 2007

Forgot to add this link!

click here(11923)IcyBox-IB351UBBL-35-IDE-to-USB20-Blue-LED.aspx

  Jak_1 20:37 19 Feb 2007

Don't quite know what happened there!

click here(11923)IcyBox-IB351UBBL-35-IDE-to-USB20-Blue-LED.aspx

  donki 22:08 19 Feb 2007

is the eclosure and all powered then?

  Mark McC 22:17 19 Feb 2007

Here take a look at this from Misco 500GB
click here for only
£86.99 ex VAT
(£102.21 inc VAT)


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