Looking For The Cheapest Broadband ISP

  cubeladd 20:45 24 Feb 2004

I am looking for the cheapest ISP to offer either 512k or 1Mb broadband through an NTL or BT phone line.

The phone line that I want to use is currently not active, as my house is registered with NTL would I be able to activate this line with BT? As a lot of ISPs only offer broadband through a BT line, I am confused as to whether this means a phone line as opposed to cable, or a BT line as opposed to NTL activating it.

..Please help if you can :)

  Dipso 21:26 24 Feb 2004

If the inactive phone line put in by NTL, I think your choice is to either forget about the NTL line and get a new BT line or reactivate the NTL line and go with them for your BB.

However, you say you are looking for the cheapest BB ISP, which NTL are not, at £24.99 a month.

IMO, my ISP click here are the cheapest but they don't offer webspace or email addresses (only sending servers) with the service but then I don't need that. It depends what you want really. There are a few other ISP's offering sub £20 BB, Plusnet offer a limited service(no P2Por newsgroups) and Gio Internet but I can't vouch for them.

If you go the BT line route, check out click here and see what deals are on offer.

  dazzling (work) 21:54 24 Feb 2004

go with ntl thetechnologys better.you dont get so much slow down at peak times as you do over adsl.i have adsl and it appears visibly slower at peak times than my friend whos on cable with ntl.mind you its still shed loads better than dial up.darren

  dfghjkl 00:01 25 Feb 2004

i use ntl,no problems,if you want to do loads of downloading you can get 1 mb for a month,or if you are away for a while you can have 150k for a month,so save money.i dont know wether they are all as flexable as this.letting you change for a full month.

  Chegs ® 01:01 25 Feb 2004

Cheapest is not always best option.I went with a cheaper ISP than my present,I rarely got the speeds I was paying for.I changed ISP as this ISP refused to answer my questions over lousy service,regularly losing my connection all together,etc.I finally received an answer to my questions,and they blamed the high takeup in my area,of new customers.I moved ISP and have yet to find fault,they answer queries within 24 hours,and even manage to get BT moving quickly to check my lines,etc.

  Dipso 13:15 25 Feb 2004

To backup my earlier post. I can't say that I notice a slow down at peak times. 478/247 are normal speeds during peak hours.

Re- swapping for a cheaper service to save money at holiday times. As Metronet operate on a PayAsYouGo basis you would pay the minimum of £10 plus VAT if you were away for the month.

I do believe in this case, cheapest is best (or one of them!), service is faultless, customer service is very helpful and clued up.

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