Looking to buy a new pc

  jdl15 10:13 09 Nov 2010

Hi there

I'm looking to buy a pc with the following componentets:

cpu - Intel Core 2 Quad Socket 775 Processor [1066MHz]

motherboard - Intel LGA775 integrated

RAM - Transcend JetRam High-Performance 2GB DDR3-1333 240-Pin Module (two of these for a total of 4GB)

Hard drive - Western Digital CAVIAR BLUE Hard drive 640GB

Graphics card - Gigabyte® NVIDIA® GeForce GTS250, 1GB 256Bit GDDR3

Case - Zalman Z7, No PSU

psu - Coolermaster RP/RS-600-PCAR eXtreme power plus 600w power supply

Coolermaster RP / RS-600-PCAR eXtreme power

cooling - Heat Sink & Fan Intel Socket775 and some fans to keep things cool.

1. Are these all the needed components? (Ive got the mouse/keyboard/monitor/sound already)

2. Does that motherboard and cpu go together and if not what should I get?

3. Any other advice would be appreciated!


  gengiscant 10:27 09 Nov 2010

Here is the CPU compatibility list for your board click here

What will you be using your PC for?

  jdl15 10:35 09 Nov 2010

I will be using it for gaming only

  arbico 11:39 09 Nov 2010

Is there any particular reason why you have chosen Socket 775?
This is an old socket now so components are on the rise in price.
For roughly the same price, you can get one of the newer sockets with an iSeries processor (i3, i5, i7).

For gaming, I'd recommend either an i5 or a well overclocked i3. Both use Socket 1156. It's also DDR3 Memory which is much faster than the DDR2.

I'd also recommend a better Graphics Card if you're planning on playing newer games.
The nVidia GTX 460 is a very good price for the performance. ATI have also just released the HD6xxx series cards which are also at very good prices.

  jdl15 11:48 09 Nov 2010

Thanks Arbico, I'll have a look at those! so basically my pc isnt good enough to play the latest games for the next year say?

  jdl15 11:57 09 Nov 2010

How about this pc then:

Same as above except cpu -

  jdl15 12:01 09 Nov 2010

cpu - intel core i5

motherboard - MSI P55-GD65

  gengiscant 12:32 09 Nov 2010

How much cash have you got to spend?

  arbico 12:50 09 Nov 2010

Really, you want to be going above 4GB memory. 6GB would be fine but it means you would need to replace some of it in the future if you wanted to upgrade to more. 8GB would be more than enough if it's within your budget, but 4GB would be ok for a while too.

For the Motherboard, I tend to prefer to Asus Intel chipset boards. They're very good quality and decent price. the Asus P7P55D is a good board.

Let us know what you budget is and we will spec you up a decent machine for your budget.

  jdl15 13:35 09 Nov 2010

I really appreciate all the help guys, I've got a budget of about £650.

  gengiscant 15:44 09 Nov 2010

6GB of RAM will be to much if you are only going to use Windows 7 32bit,different story if you are using the 64bit.
Which one are you using?

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