Looking to buy a new laptop

  Whitey6272 08:11 06 Feb 2012

Hi, Ive been looking at laptops for days now and cant decide which is best for me and the best value without losing build quality etc.

Im looking to spend from £450 to and no more than £600 MAX. I want a Laptop that is going to not need updating as soon as its arrived. I do play games but not to the point i need one of these £2000 Alienware. I'd like it to be 17" and have and I5 Processor.

I like Football Manager games and the Total War Series, the new Elder Scrolls Skyrim game looks like something id play so i realise its going to need a dedicated half decent GPU.

The best value and most suited to my needs from what i can see (im no expert so tell me if im wrong )is the Dell Inspiron 17R n7110 http://www.laptopmag.com/review/laptops/dell-inspiron-17r.aspx

(This can be bought from Dell UK for 550-600 last time i checked. also would it be worth going with a refurbishment if i can find one from Dell and save a couple 100 £'s

Cheers for any help and comments.

  Ian in Northampton 09:26 06 Feb 2012

All I'd say is that Intel are about to announce the Ivy Bridge family of processors, which will replace the Sandy Bridge (i.e. Core i3, Core i5, Core i7) generation. It'll take a little while for these new processors to appear in buyable products, and they'll certainly command a price premium early on - but if having the latest and greatest is important to you, you might want to hang on a little while. On the other hand, if you took that to the ultimate degree, you'd never buy anything...

  chub_tor 10:12 06 Feb 2012

Have you considered this Medion at £499?

  chub_tor 10:14 06 Feb 2012
  Ian in Northampton 10:58 06 Feb 2012

Those are good recommendations. Don't underestimate Medion: they may not have the 'cachet' of a Dell, Sony, HP or Toshiba, but my experience with them has always been good and they certainly deliver more 'bang for the buck' than the tier one brands.

  Whitey6272 13:29 06 Feb 2012

Cheers guys, just checking those recomendations now,

any opinions on a NovaTech Elite Optima 2450 looks quite a good deal.

  Whitey6272 13:30 06 Feb 2012

Ian I guess these laptops im looking at now will go for alot less when this new genration is released?

  Whitey6272 14:51 06 Feb 2012

sorry to triple post :s i dont see an edit feature.

Found this one


only thing that lets it down is the Geforce GT520m could i upgrade this easily or woiuld it be stuck with this?


  Ian in Northampton 15:30 06 Feb 2012

Whitey: yes, that's a distinct possibility - although it may take a little while as retailers wait to get sufficient inventory of products using the new processor. And then, of course, you have to hope that they've mismanaged things sufficiently badly that they have piles of the 'old stuff' that they're desperate to shift... :-)

  Ian in Northampton 15:32 06 Feb 2012

Re your upgrading graphics question: I'm no expert - others know more/better - but I suspect that it's not nearly as easy to upgrade laptop graphics as it is desktop graphics, as I believe they're tightly integrated on the motherboard.

  chub_tor 15:58 06 Feb 2012

Upgrading the graphics card on the Novatech will not be easy even if it is possible and will certainly invalidate the warranty. If you Google the 520m versus the 555m in the more expensive Medion you will see that it is a much better graphics card

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