Looking for budget AGP graphics card

  Hoseman 23:25 23 May 2007

What is the best AGP card out there for less than £100?

Any tips welcome. :)

  woodchip 23:28 23 May 2007

You need to know what AGP your motherboard will take. That means knowing what motherboard you have

  sean-278262 09:31 24 May 2007

If you are unsure try using this program to find out the motherboard. It should say under a subheading "mainboard" or "motherboard" what yours is.

click here

Alternatively tell us the make and model of computer you have and we can track down the info.

  Hoseman 21:06 24 May 2007

Im assuming the "main circuit board" using balearc provides this info. This is what it says:

Bus Clock: 200 megahertz
BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 6.00 PG 09/29/2003

What am I actually looking for or what do I need to find?

  Strawballs 22:16 24 May 2007
  Stuartli 23:50 24 May 2007

I have an ATi 9550 with 256MB graphics - it does all I require. £30 should suffice.

I don't play games etc but it does run 3DMark to a surprising level, although frame rates can struggle on the most difficult tests.

  Hoseman 10:01 25 May 2007

Thanks guys, I will be using it for gaming but I dont need the best card out there just a a decent one. When looking for a card, apart from AGP what else am i looking for so the card fits/is suitable for my motherboard?

  pjwheeldon 11:35 25 May 2007

Ocerclockers are doing an X1650 XT 256mb for £83.

click here

Should give you a decent gaming experience.

Also do the 512mb version for £106, if you can raid the spare change jar for the extra dosh!

click here

  Totally-braindead 11:45 25 May 2007

I have the Nvidia 7600GS (PCI Express version) and as long as I play at a reasonable resolution IE 1024 x 768 it plays virtually everything.
Its not bad for the money and worth considering perhaps, heres the AGP version click here even better is the 7600GT just under your budget click here bit faster and it uses the faster DDR3 memory.
Two thing to mention though, theres no point spending money like this if your computer is really old as it wouldn't run it to its full potential and depending on your power supply rating you might need to replace it as all new graphics cards need a seperate power connector as well as the power they can get from the socket.
Have a look here for some reading click here

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