Look at this should i go for this computer.

  Internetwhizzkid 09:09 05 Nov 2006

i will be getting a new computer for christmas. Now i have been looking around to see what i want.
this is the best one that i have seen yet.
please have a look click here

is that good. is the manufacturer any good.
please give me your opinions so that i can pass them onto my mum who is buying it.


  Gongoozler 09:38 05 Nov 2006

It looks like a very good computer, but only you can say if it will do everything you want. Serious gamers probably wouldn't be happy with the integrated graphics, and a micro tower doesn't give a lot of space for future expansion.

  Internetwhizzkid 09:46 05 Nov 2006

i dont really do games just music dvds etc
loads of memory so should be good enough

  Strawballs 09:50 05 Nov 2006

As Gongoozler said it doesn't look too bad depending what you want to do with it but the PSU seems a bit weak at 250watt which will limit future upgrades.

  FatboySlim71 09:56 05 Nov 2006

I have witnessed Mesh's appalling customer service at first hand, It seems a decent PC but the manafacturer is the thing that would put me off, granted you may have a trouble free experiance with Mesh but my experiance with them was not good.

First of all I received an invoice from them with a delivery date, the PC was not delivered on that date, so I contacted them and was told that they were having supply problems (but I was not told this and it would have been easy for them to contact me to advise me of the delay as they had my phone number) after 3 weeks later than the mentioned delivery date my PC was finally delivered, a month after, the PC had to be returned to them for an hard drive replacement, even though I had an on site warran ty, about 7 months after this the PC would not boot and again I had to return it to them (cannot understand why Mesh have an on site warranty) and was told that it had a motherboard fault, this was replaced, received it back and it still would not boot, sent it back again and when returned the PC worked, next fault around 3 months later was a faulty graphics card and you have guessed it the PC was returned again, so this time when I had received it back I sold the PC as I felt that I had a lemon.

I now own an Evesham PC and its been touch wood, problem free in 10 months of use, I have had it on good experiance from several friends of mine that Eveshams customer service is good. The last thing you want when your PC developes a fault is to have to deal with an unhelpful firm and this is how I would describe the customer service I received from Mesh, this is Eveshams website,
click here

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