longhorn beta fake or real

  User-70C5C3A1-F4B5-4C00-B159FFCBC9FDB517 09:57 21 Jun 2004

hi just been looking on the net at longhorn beta's and im just wondering are they real or just some clever people trying be be microsoft is there any real betas yet as i had one and it was just rubbish got i got and tranformation kit now thats looks good but you are still running xp anyone wish to comment please do

  Lozzy 10:02 21 Jun 2004

I would leave Longhorn well alone for the time being as there are some real betas around as well as fakes. Longhorn has many many bugs in it as it is still in development and you must know what your doing to install it or is will **** your system. The Beta versions are for developers and beta testers that know what there doing.

well thats what i found the one i had install fine but then i had to install every bit of hard ware on syterm which was stange

  Lozzy 10:09 21 Jun 2004

I would be interested in how you have deleted it and what issues have erupted since un-installing.

  Lozzy 10:10 21 Jun 2004

One other question, has your existing OS remained stable? if not in what way has it become un-stable.

i had buld 4015 or 4051 cant remember now
real problems and i mean real problems install took over computer completely it said you could upgrade or clean install at time was running dual boot with 2003 sever on over partion trail form microsoft but that another storey so it took over that on boot sreen could choose
xp,2003,or longhorn witch was fine but that didnt work 2003 loaded longhorn longhorn loaded xp and xp loaded longhorn so confusing to start then had to install all haredware like i said b4 and i mean all hardware in devise mangerer took hours, it was nice to look at but thats it real slow,cumsly and just constenly crashed fortmated hard drive and longhorn went in the bin,never againto be seen, good riddens!!!!

  powerless 10:24 21 Jun 2004

Officially there are now BETAS but you can get builds from MSDN at a price.

  powerless 10:24 21 Jun 2004

Officially there are NO BETAS [yet].

  Lozzy 10:47 21 Jun 2004

Unless you know what your doing you should stay well clear of Beta's of any OS. Me thinks theres a lesson to be learned.

ohh yes never agiain took nearly a week to get anywhere near systerm back to normal and still isnt there yet y do you want a copy hahaha!!!

  Tree3 12:25 21 Jun 2004

you can get the evaluation of longhorn which last 180 days, i had it and installed using MS virtual pc and it was running fine.

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