The longer I'm on, the slower my PC gets!

  taffyal 16:24 05 Sep 2006

I noticed PC getting slower over a period of weeks.I ran AVG, Ewido,Trojan hunter, Adaware & Search & detroy, to no avail. I then did a complete reinstall,no improvement. After the PC has been on an hour or two,it goes even slower. I wonder could my mobo or cpu be on way out??
I'm running XP Pro on AsrockK7VM2, with 40gig HD showing 38.2 with 34.5 empty at present.I have 512 PC133. Any ideas please?

  skidzy 16:29 05 Sep 2006

Have you checked Task Manager to see if any thing is hogging the CPU.
ctrl+alt+delete...look under processes

Hope this helps

  taffyal 16:33 05 Sep 2006

Thanks. I tried this, shows only 27 processes, shows about 5% usage

  Ben capewell 16:49 05 Sep 2006

Sorry not to be of help but im having the same problem constanly, and have been for the last 2 months, im sure now that there is a trojan going around that no one has yet detected, ive been on all difrent help sites, diffrent down loads and my problems have still not being ressolved, even the techies at hijack this cant fix my problem yet. Alot of people seem to be having our problem

  skidzy 16:50 05 Sep 2006

Nothing amiss there then.Maybe the harddrive slowing old is the system.

  taffyal 16:52 05 Sep 2006

Ive had it 3 years

  L.o.D 17:05 05 Sep 2006

It could be due to a memory leak in one of the programs that run at startup and continue running.

  skidzy 17:07 05 Sep 2006

Maybe adding a little more ram,it may be possible your current ram is faulty.You could try Memtest86 click here
Overheating could be the problem,make sure all fans are clear of dust.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:14 05 Sep 2006

"The longer I'm on, the slower my PC gets!"
Something is not releasing memory

Using MSCONFIG.EXE to Disable TSR Programs
1. Click Start, and then click Run.
2. In the Open window, type the following, and then click OK:
3. Click the Start Up tab and clear the check marks from all nonessential programs (including anti-virus software). Do not clear the check marks from the following programs:

System Tray
Load Power Profile

Applications Known to Interfere memory allication

After Dark (a DOS screen-saver)
Norton DiskDoubler® (Symantec)
Findfast.exe (a Microsoft® Office disk-indexing option)
First Aid 2000® (McAfee Network Associates)
IBM AntiVirus® (IBM Corporation)
Lotus® SmartSuite® (Lotus Development Corporation)
Norton AntiVirus® (Symantec)
Norton CleanSweep® (Symantec)
Remove-It® (Quarterdeck Corporation)
wnsrun.exe (a utility from Central Point Systems)
ZipMagic® (Aladdin Systems)
Oil Change™ (CyberMedia)
Netzip Classic® (Netzip)
FastView Plus™ (Netzip)
Oska Deskmate® (Oska Educational Systems Pty Limited)
STOPzilla® (STOPzilla)
QuickBooks® 2000 and/or 2001 (Intuit)
ConfigSafe® (imagine LAN Inc)

  taffyal 17:46 05 Sep 2006

Thanks. Just tried this, no faster!Cheers, Al.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:52 05 Sep 2006

Pagefile (Virtual Memory) -- Rght click MY Computer - select propeties - Advanced tab - Performance - advanced tab - Virtual memory click change, you can put the page file on a differnt drive (if you have one), click custom size and set Initial size to one and a half times the amount of memory you have fitted i.e. 512MB memory = set to 768MB, set maximum to double your memory amount i.e. 512MB memory = 1024MB click ok.
If your hard drive is full and there is not enough room for the pagefile this can slow down, freeze or even cause the PC to crash (restart).

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