A longer dash in text, possible?

  LAP 19:37 29 Apr 2004

My wife writes joke books for charity. She requires a longer dash than this one '-' which you get from the standard keyboard. Her o/s is win xp and she runs Lotus WordPro 97 as well as Word 2000 pro. Any ideas please? Thank you.

  stalion 19:43 29 Apr 2004

Hold down control while you press the dash key
___________________________ ____ ______ ___

  LAP 19:56 29 Apr 2004

stalion, thanks for replying, but how do you get the dash form here____ to here - ? and a little longer.

  BurrWalnut 20:03 29 Apr 2004

Hold down the Alt key and type 196

--- is 3 key depressions.

  keith-236785 20:04 29 Apr 2004

Hi, unless someone comes up with a better solution, press and hold Alt key, then type 22 on the num pad, repeat a few times, the highlight with the mouse, right click/copy & paste as many times as you need to create the right length.

Example ??? (Alt+22 three times)

????????? copied and pasted three times

hope this helps

  BurrWalnut 20:05 29 Apr 2004

It doesn't work on the Forum but it will work in a wordprocessor.

  Gemma 20:09 29 Apr 2004

In most fonts there are drawing characters that may do what you wife wants. In this current font there is the dash - and the line - which is longer. Two together give -- which compares to -. Drawing characters join up either vertically or horizontally. Find the Character Map (start, programs, accessories,systems tools (I think) and have a play. You can then set Wordpro to assign it to a key.

  keith-236785 20:09 29 Apr 2004

forum formatting doesnt allow it to show on here, but it worked when i was typing it. also works in notepad. if it is the same length of line needed each time, set it up in notepad, save the file as longdash, then simply open the file when required, copy and paste to your required document.

  Gemma 20:15 29 Apr 2004

The illustration does not survive the PCA website but it will be fine on your PC.

  Pesala 20:56 29 Apr 2004

In most fonts, but not all, the em-dash should produce a continuous line if repeated: —————

You could also try dot-leader tabs with a dash character. Elipsis is 0133 ………

  jolorna 21:18 29 Apr 2004

use a combination of line from drawing tools and using the left indent tab to start your text again and when you go to the next line dont forget to clear the tabs this works in word 2000 i have never used lotus word pro hope this helps

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