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  splatter 19:01 17 Aug 2006

Hi, is it at all possible to access a service running on my particular machine behind a Firewall/Router by using a domain (i.e. WHILST using any machine behind the above mentioned router.

e.g When at my computer typing (my dynDNS domain) it will only ever take me to the config page for my router (a voyager 2500v in this case). However, if I run up the road to my mate's house and do the same, I am presented with my little test site running on Apache. I am also able to append :9000 (to use port 9000) so I can access SlimServer, and indeed I am able to append and port number. Trying to append :9000 (or any other port) though while using any computer on the network gives me a "page not found" error.

The reason I have this setup is so that I can still access any files on my PC if I am away, but I would like to be able to use my dynDNS at all times for the sake of uniformity.

From what I can tell so far it is something to do with the way routers/NAT works, as I was able to do exactly what I want to do when I was connected via good old cable modem with my previous ISP.

Any input on this is appreciated


  splatter 11:21 26 Aug 2006

hip-hop bump! :)

  silverous 00:42 27 Aug 2006

When you access your dyndns domain from your mate's house, your router must be configured to pass those requests (e.g. via port forwarding) to whicever machine on your home network is hosting the services.

When you access your dyndns domain from behind your router, it is going to the router but not forwarding on.

One way might be to add an entry to your hosts file to point your domain at the relevant machine ip address behind the firewall e.g.: (or whatever the address is)

Either that or figure out how to make the router forward back to your internal network :)

  splatter 13:43 31 Aug 2006

"One way might be to add an entry to your hosts file to point your domain at the relevant machine ip address behind the firewall"

silverous, how do you that? I'm using Windows XP HOME


  silverous 16:12 31 Aug 2006

Find your hosts file - should be something like c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc

and will just be a file called "hosts"

You can edit it in notepad. It will already have an entry in it like: localhost

You just add another line with something like:

making sure that the gap between number and name is a tab (I believe that is important). The number i've put in there should be replaced with whatever your IP address is. In fact, if the machine you are on is the server you can probably get away with

  splatter 20:18 31 Aug 2006

that seems to have done the trick: thanks.
However, now when I goto access any "site" via the dynDNS account I get a "Forbidden" page stating that "You don't have permission to access / on this server."

If however I access it via localhost or using my local IP address it works fine. I assume that there is something that I have to change in Apache's http.conf file, but I'm not sure.

I'll dig around and have a play...

Thanks for you's greatly appreciated.

  splatter 20:31 31 Aug 2006

I've not figured what causes the forbidden error...but I can fix it (makes no sense does it).

Anyway, because of the tedious efforts of getting Apache/PHP/mySQL running I downloaded WAMP, which comes with a little 'control panel'. One of the options on this control panel is to "Put Online" Once this is done, I can fully access the server via the dynDNS domain :)

I've yet to find out what changes this operation makes, but I'll find out.

Again, silverous, thanks for your help


  splatter 00:09 01 Sep 2006

Just in case anybody was wondering, I sorted it all out. I needed to change one directive in apache's http.conf file to "Allow All" i.e. accept connections from all IP addresses instead of just local specific IP's


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