long time at logon screen??

  simonsup 13:31 12 Apr 2007

Hi my pc hangs at the blue login screen 4 about 3mins before i can log on to windows.
Is it sometging in the startup making it wait?
Once in everything is fine.
Running xp pro, any idears peeps?

  MAJ 14:23 12 Apr 2007

If you are the only user, try disabling the log on screen, see if it helps.

  simonsup 16:15 12 Apr 2007

ok will try, post back.

  simonsup 16:20 12 Apr 2007

nope made no difference, the problem is before the login screen, its a blue screen saying windows
is starting up, this is where it takes a long time before i can see the desktop..if thats any help.

  postie24 16:37 12 Apr 2007

Are you using zone alarm?

  simonsup 18:30 12 Apr 2007

no virgin pc guard, could it be that?

  skidzy 18:33 12 Apr 2007

Try reducing your startup programs:

Start/Run/ and type MSCONFIG and enter
Now select Startup and untick everything except your AV and Firewall and if you have a realtime antispyware program...leave this ticked also.

Now reboot..

  simonsup 22:24 12 Apr 2007

ok will try that and see what happens

  skidzy 22:26 12 Apr 2007

If no joy Simon,post back.

  simonsup 22:35 12 Apr 2007

ok i unticked everything expect virus progs but
still the same, anything else i can try?

  skidzy 22:45 12 Apr 2007

When was the last time you had a spring clean of the system Simon.

Run ccleaner click here and also take a look here for some more advice. click here

Dont forget to defrag your harddrive also.

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