Long term startup problem.

  FedupwithPCs 09:53 25 Sep 2009

My Pentium4 home-built PC running XP Pro SP3 has been a reliable workhorse and plenty fast enough for my needs. But it has started playing up. On boot up, all the icons bottom right don't always load. Usually a reboot will get them all up and running but my network never seems to connect automatically these days. I have to right click on the "monitor" icon and hit "repair". It then does its thing and the connection is made good to the wifi router. Is there something I can do to get this to work properly. It is starting to annoy me as the PC is working brilliantly in all other respects.

  Audio~~Chip 11:31 25 Sep 2009

What have you got on for internet security

  FedupwithPCs 11:49 25 Sep 2009

I have AVG 8.5, "Malwarebytes" AntiMalware 1.41, Kerio Personal Firewall, Spybot Search and Destroy 1.6.2, etc. all behind a D-link DSL-G624T wifi router. I regularly update and run this stuff but nothing much comes up other than a few bits of spyware and cookies. I can't pin down the problem to starting after any particular change to the system. I generally don't mess with it much these days now that it is stable and not giving me any headaches.

  PcTestCard.com 12:01 25 Sep 2009

Try disable all startup options using the "msconfig" command at RUN prompt.

After the PC reboot, see if the problem fixed.

run from DOS "chkdsk c:/r/v" to scan the HDD for any error.

Hope this helps!

  FedupwithPCs 12:11 25 Sep 2009

I'm a bit puzzled. won't this stop my antivirus and network connection from working? Are these not necessary?

  Audio~~Chip 22:07 25 Sep 2009

That many would conflict and you need to get rid of some.

  Technotiger 22:18 25 Sep 2009

Sorry Audio~~Chip, I disagree, I don't think the problem is too many security type programs, as long as there is only one anti-virus the rest are ok.

I have very similar programs with my XP Home - except that I have Ad-Aware, not Spybot.

I would suggest running Ccleaner, might help!

  FedupwithPCs 22:23 25 Sep 2009

I have CCleaner. I run it daily.

  Technotiger 22:31 25 Sep 2009

Hmm, in that case, I think you are over-doing it a bit - shouldn't need more than about once a week at most! This could be part of the problem.

  FedupwithPCs 22:32 25 Sep 2009


  Technotiger 22:46 25 Sep 2009

I don't have Ccleaner, but do have a similar program - Glary Utilities, which I only run once every other week.

Touch wood - problems with my PC are a rarity, I am happy to say.

I hope I haven't gremlinized it now :-))

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