Long startup time!

  mgpillay 19:50 17 Jan 2008

My laptop (which runs on WinXP) takes almost 10 minutes to start up!
It also makes a continuous beeping noise at the first screen of start up.

Are there any software utilities that can check the problem? Or will I have to do a full reinstallation of win XP?


  martjc 20:03 17 Jan 2008

...what machine is it? how many beeps? Sounds to me as if it detects a problem before Widoze starts up - possible hardware problem [thinking memory or display]. Drivers?

  mgpillay 20:27 17 Jan 2008

its a sharp laptop...pc-gp1515.
Beeps continuously, I havent counted. It sometimes stops when i jiggle the power cord.

Since you mentioned the screen, I remembered that while booting up, if the power cord is pulled out, the hard disk stays on but the screen turns off. I must add that this is a very old machine and the battery is practically useless and it runs only on ac power.

  SANTOS7 20:41 17 Jan 2008

The continuous BIOS beeps suggest your power supply is U/S...

  mgpillay 09:30 18 Jan 2008

I'm sorry, I didn't understand 'U/S'.

If it is a problem with the power supply, will it be a good idea to try a new charger or battery on the laptop?

  eedcam 09:35 18 Jan 2008

U/S = useless /knackered on the way out etc.,

  Diemmess 09:47 18 Jan 2008

u/s = unserviceable

I would not spend money on either new battery or power supply until the original fault is investigated more fully.

A laptop battery which will no longer hold a charge could be removed for a start.
It may now have an internal short circuit which is pulling down the output voltage from the mains unit.

The early bleeps suggest a different mischief though. This might be some video component or similarly difficult failure for a laptop.

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