long startup....

  ramjam69 17:10 15 Mar 2003

When I start my computer, everything is fine until the desktop appears. The wallpaper comes up (like it should) and when the icons appear, the background goes blank for 30 odd seconds during which time you can't do anything. It then puts the wallpaper back on and everything is ok. I have an Athlon 1333 processor on a via motherboard.
Any ideas?

  Djohn 17:22 15 Mar 2003

Which Operating system are you using? How much memory?

How many Icons do you have in the Sys. tray? (Bottom right by the clock).

And if you press the Ctrl/Alt/del. keys at the same time, how many programs come up in the window? Also how many Fonts do you have installed. Go to control panel and click on Fonts to find out.

  ramjam69 22:12 15 Mar 2003

I am running windows 98 with 256MB of memory.I thought about programs running in the backgroud and I have everything turned off(didn't make that much difference really).There are 314 fonts loaded. Can't think of why I need that many!

  Djohn 22:38 15 Mar 2003

As for Fonts, the programs that you put on your PC will always load a few of their own, but 314 is ok and should not slow down the loading of windows by more than a couple of seconds.

You can always remove the ones you don't use and put them in a folder, so that you have access to them when you want, this list will tell you which ones to leave in the Fonts folder, click here If you have any other programs running in the background, disable them from the start menu.

Go to start/run, type in the word, MSCONFIG and then click on the start-up tab, and un-tick all that are not needed to run your system. They are still available from a shortcut, or from, start/programs.

Also you can go to start/run and type, scandisk, this will check your hard drive for files that may be corrupt and fix them.

Delete all your temp. internet files, and windows temp. files

Now go back to start/run, and type the word, Defrag this will put all your files back in the correct place.

Before you use defrag, use Ctrl/alt/delete to close down all programs, except Explorer, and sys. tray.

Give this a try and see if it helps. J.

  ramjam69 23:29 15 Mar 2003

Sorry Djohn, but I've tried all that. I used to have this problem on my old system and when I got this one, it was fine for a while, but just started doing it again.

  Djohn 23:38 15 Mar 2003

Erm! Have you checked for any Virus that may be present?

  woodchip 23:50 15 Mar 2003

Try this, Download or send me through the little envelope you E-Mail and if you cannot get the program I will send it to you the name of the program is Bla.exe. when you have downloaded it to you disc any whare will do there is only the .exe file and a Readme file. This is what you do, restart your computer and keep pressing F8 until you get the list for safe mode choose from the list create a boot file, then you just double click Bla.exe and it will tell you what is the speed of loading each item so you can then start to look for a way of improving matters

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