Long beeps and dead PC

  Peverelli 21:55 04 Mar 2004

My nephew attempted to replace a RAM stick only to find his PC wouldn't work. He re-inserted the old one and now the PC is dead, apart from emitting continuous long beeps. I can't get over to assess the damage for a few days, so any suggestions here would be welcome. I can't give you any details about the PC, but I think the OS is Windows ME.


  User-312386 22:00 04 Mar 2004

sounds like the stick has not been seated correctly

tell him to put the old ram in the NO1 slot

  Peverelli 08:05 05 Mar 2004

Thanks madboy33©®, nephew has been banned from touching the inside of the PC ;O), but that will be the first thing I'll check.

  Billy911 08:21 05 Mar 2004

Did he use an anti-static wrist strap or hold the PC's chassis while installing the RAM? When someone walks across a carpet they generate around 30,000 (or 3,000 - I can't remember off the top of my head) volts of static electricity. We don't feel it yet 30 volts is enough to damage/kill a PC component that has microchips on. I looked up my notes and if the BIOS chip is an 'Award BIOS' then continuous beeps indicates that the PC has bad memory.

  Billy911 08:24 05 Mar 2004

Go to click here to learn a bit about static electricity and how it's the no.1 enemy to computers (apart from users!!!).

  Peverelli 08:49 05 Mar 2004

That was my first question to him and he says he earthed himself on the case of the PC before surgery. I'll bet it wrongly seated RAM or an accidently disconnected cable. It's the long beeps that confuse me as they usually indicate a PSU or keyboard problem.

  Peverelli 08:51 05 Mar 2004

I'll bet it's a wrongly seated RAM ...

  Peverelli 17:42 05 Mar 2004

Will be off to look at dead PC soon, has anybody had any similar problems NOT caused by RAM?

  Nosmas 18:04 05 Mar 2004

Had a similar problem only this morning. To try an experiment I deliberately switched off PC without properly closing down Windows (in order to 'force' ScanDisk to run).

When I tried to switch on again continuous long beeps emitted and no sign of boot-up. Eventually pressed the Reset button and the PC went into boot-up.

Hope this helps

  Diemmess 18:07 05 Mar 2004

Only my own experience, beep codes differ.

Failed (loose) video card or connection may give repeated beeps. Keyboard wrongly, or not plugged in can make an audible fuss.

Motherboard/CPU failure was a two tone noise for me, and that is probably over the top for this problem.

Hopefully, taking a fresh look will show something that will be obvious to you, though not to the embarrassed nephew.

  pipedream 18:17 05 Mar 2004

Also check the graphics card is seated correctly(if it's got one)- sometimes the connectors can move when RAM modules are fitted - long beeps can be due to no video. Check any other PCI cards too e.g. modem, sound card.

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