Long beep

  Winston Churchill 16:32 21 May 2003

Ok, this is for a friend of a friend, when his computer is turned on all he hears is a long continuos beep, is this a RAM Failure or is it something else as I do not know.



  livewire 16:40 21 May 2003

is it a Gateway machine?

  hugh-265156 16:53 21 May 2003

Continuous Beeping: Memory or video problem

Explanation: The system is producing constant beeping in no specific pattern, or a fast "ringing" sound.

Diagnosis: This is usually caused by a problem with the system memory, or possibly the video card. The memory is more likely--the system complains long and loud if it can't find any usable memory, as there is no way to even start the boot process when this is the case. The motherboard itself could also be the problem.

  hugh-265156 16:56 21 May 2003

could even be power supply or keyboard.

  graham√ 17:23 21 May 2003

Make sure every thing is plugged in correctly inside, could be just a loose card.

  slowhand_1000 18:24 21 May 2003

could try here

click here

  Winston Churchill 22:39 23 May 2003

Thanks everyone, sorry about the lateness in my reply but I am using school computers in a geography lesson at the moment as my home internet is down :-( But thanks, it was the ram (just upgraded it which he now has told me) brought it from pcworld and it was faulty.

Thanks for the help.

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