logon probs

  smlcool 13:20 27 Sep 2004

at present using another computer to access this site...

prob.... with my pc whenever i boot up.. i cant logon to any user account on my pc.. once i tick the user name i get to the desktop and then the machine restarts or goes back to logon screen,, any ideas?

currently using windows xp with service pack 1 and other relevent sp2 patches ( BUT not full sp2)
a FAT 32 file system.

also cannot get into save mode either... have i a boot sector virus? or is there a way to edit the logon stage in dos??

  Diodorus Siculus 14:55 27 Sep 2004

Do you have an XP disk with which to boot? If so, you can try a repair.

  smlcool 23:01 27 Sep 2004

have tried to repair wit XP cd but no avail.

also connected to another pc as sec h/d.. scan it for virus, check adaware and used trend.. but still no good.. just cant log in.. anything i can do to edit the login or maybe copy a version across from another pc..
dont really want to format and re install.. any chance?

also done fixmbr, checkdsk and even ran an ERD on it, but no luck...
any help from anyone much appreciated..

  hillybilly 23:46 27 Sep 2004

You say you cannot start in safemode, do you a wireless keyboard or USB one. I've often found thats a good reason not to be able to get into safemode,but can do so with a ps2 k/board

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