Logitech Z5450 surround system

  Dirty Dick 13:40 21 Dec 2009

Firstly, I,m not sure if I should post this subject in the Helproom, sorry if I'm wrong.

I have a Logitech Z5450 surround system and the cable from the Control Centre to the Sub Woofer is not long enough.

At the Control Centre it is hard wired, and the other end of the cable has a thumb screw type fitting. This fitting has a connection that has 3 rows of five pin holes, and plugs into the Sub Woofer, and then screws up.

Does anyone know if, and where, I can get an exrension lesd, with a female fitting at one end, and a male at the other.

Many Thanx, and a Merry Christmas to all.


  User-1229748 17:06 21 Dec 2009

been reading about people with same problem to yourself and seems you would have to make your own and is not advisable,sorry. :o(

  User-1229748 17:09 21 Dec 2009

ps. sounds like a nice set up though :o)

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