Logitech Webcam Pro 9000

  Alex at Langar 23:30 14 Jan 2011

I am considering purchasing a Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 HD. I see from Logitech's own site that the system requirments include speakers. I currently do not have separate, external speakers, for sound I use the speakers built into my Digimate 19" LCD screen, which my HP Pavilion PC running Win7 happily connects to. Can I use the Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 HD via my LCD screen's built-in speakers, or are separate external speakers essential, (as opposed to preferred)?

  onthelimit 09:26 15 Jan 2011

As long as they produce enough volume, you can programme skype/Logitech webcam to use those as default. Great choice of camera, by the way.

  Alex at Langar 12:12 15 Jan 2011

Thank you very much indeed for the swift reply, much appreciated. Also very helpful to have my choice of camera confirmed.
Next question! I'm intending to use the camera with GMail - as that is what my daughter has chosen to communicate with me by. In Gmail, -> Settings -> Chat, for Voice & Video Chat, it has options for Camera, Microphone, and Speakers. In the latter, none of the options seem, (to me at least!), to refer to using my screen speakers.
The options listed are:
1. Default Device
2. Digital Audio (HDMI) (High Definition Audio Device)
3. Speakers (3-Bluetooth Handsfree Audio)
4. Digital Audio (S/PDIF) (High Definition Audio Device)
5. Headphones (High Definition Audio Device)
I've no idea what S/PDIF means, and whilst I know that HDMI is to do with high definition, I don't know what the MI bit means. So because I don't understand the acronyms I don't know if they might be possible screen speaker related.
Any thoughts, please.

  Woolwell 12:18 15 Jan 2011

It is probably 1. Default device. Above where you select your devices there is "verify your settings". Click on the plus of that and it expands. You should be able to see your self, test the mic and if you click on "play the test sound" hear something like a dialling tone.

  Woolwell 12:19 15 Jan 2011

ps Your screen speakers are treated as if they are external standalone speakers.

  Alex at Langar 14:28 15 Jan 2011

Again, thank you very much for a prompt reply. It is most kind of you. Thank you for letting me know that screen speakers are treated as if they are external standalone ones, I (pretty obviously!!) didn't know that, so I've learnt something new today.
Something I should have stated right at the very beginning is that I decided to buy the Logitech camera, (but have not done so yet), because the old and never used one doesn't seem to work properly. Specifically, the image it displays is very badly out of focus and I can't find any instructions on how to correct that. As this old WebCam came sort of dead cheapo price when buying other software, I thought I'd now buy a decent one. It is a MSI StarCam 370i with a CD and rudimentary paper instructions indicating that it needs Windows 98/2000Me/XP to work - see how old it is! Even the CD when run does not show the first interface screen that is illustrated in the three-page instructions, and when my wife ran the CD on her XP laptop it displayed a start-up screen which was neither the one in the paper docuumentation nor the one I get on my HP Pavilion Win7 desktop! An hour or more attempting to find updates to its drivers resulted in more frustration as I continually ended up downloading "Help-Install" programs which then required you to register and pay for the privilege. I could not find anywhere a download that simply resulted in a driver update itself. In case you think I'm pretty amateurish, as far as WebCams are, yes I AM a newbie, but as far as computers generally are concerned, I've been using them since around 1980, both teaching with then and also doing I.T. support work with other teachers. So, whilst a techie I am not, (and not interested in being either), I have 30-odd years of experience of using computers behind me. That doesn't stop me from cheerfully admitting my ignorance when appropriate - you always can learn new things.

Ok, so using this MSI StarCam, (with a headset of microphone and headphones),in GMail I've set the speakers to Default Device, clickd Verify your settings. Next I turned my screen speakers volume up to maximum. Yes I can see myself (very fuzzy out of focus as I said). When I speak the blue bar thing responds. When I click Play the test sound its blue bar thingy, (what IS its proper name anyway?), responds, but I can't hear dialling tone or any other kind of sound. Then it occurs to me that I've still got the headset plugged into the headphones and microphone sockets on the front of the computer! Doh! So I unplug both, then run an (unrelated) WAV file to check that the screen speakers are producing sound. Yes, they are. Stop the WAV file, (as in exit the player completely), and click Play the test sound, again. Again the blue bar thing for speakers responds, but still no sound from the screen speakers.
So now what? I'm stuck again folks! So much for my 30 years experience - much good that's doing me!!!

  Woolwell 17:55 15 Jan 2011

How are your speakers on your monitor connected to the pc?

  Woolwell 17:56 15 Jan 2011

With your headphones connected does option 5 work?

  Alex at Langar 11:52 16 Jan 2011

1. The monitor
It is a Digimate 19" LCD with integral stereo speakers at bottom left and bottom right. It has a twin-core audio cable with a single jack-plug at either end. At the computer end the jack-plug is in the lime green 'Line Out' socket at the back of the machine. That socket is stated in the computer manual to connect "to front left and right analogue speakers." The computer also has the gray, gold, black, pink and light blue sockets at the back but reading the manual, I'm reasonably certain that none of those are appropriate. If you have cause to think otherwise, do feel free to say so and I will let you know what the text for each socket says in the manual.
2. The GMail Speaker connection Option 5
Ah ha! Bingo! Thank you very much. Yes, with
5. Headphones (High Definition Audio Device) selected and then clicking "Play the Test Sound" I do indeed hear the a dialling tone, (well, I did after I'd remembered to turn the monitor volume back up - I usually have it turned off as I don't use sound-related programs normally!).
So that's got everything working properly with GMail,thank you again most sincerely.
3. All I need to do now is wait for my Logitech webcam to arrive from Amazon - the MSI StarCam 370i is working still with GMail, but still will not focus at all, and there are no focus buttons on it.

  Alex at Langar 17:23 16 Jan 2011

Any thoughts on the StarCam not focussing, at all?

  Woolwell 20:03 16 Jan 2011

I have never used one and the manual doesn't give a hint. I guess that you twist the lens to focus.

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