Logitech Videocall: 'contact online' missing

  Jim Thing 10:18 30 May 2005

I posted the following to a Logitech forum on 18 May but had no response. Is anyone here able to help, I wonder?

QUOTE (approx)>

I live in Northern Ireland and use VideoCall (VC) to keep in touch with my son and his family in Western Canada. For a month or more I've been unable to see VC's 'Currently Online' indicator that used to show me that my son is online and available to chat, Hence I'm unable to call him and I either have to establish contact by email or wait until VC rings at my end to say that he's calling me. VC works normally at his end of things, but I see nothing at all in my Currently Online panel

Because my son is my only VC contact, I can't say whether or not the problem would affect other contacts. Also I can't associate the onset of the problem with any specific action on my part — it simply seems to have stopped working.

The rest of VC's facilities work well and I'm generally pleased with the program.

I run an Athlon 64 3400+ system (512MB RAM), with McAfee Security Suite, Spybot S&D, AdAware, SpyBlaster, CW Shredder and the MS Anti-spyware beta, all frequently updated and all reporting 'clean'.

Could someone please suggest a fix? /QUOTE>

I should add that, since 18 May, for reasons not connected with the above, I've had to format my HD and start over from scratch but the problem persists. (Re-install of VideoCall needed at the Canadian end perhaps?)

Is there any VC user on this forum who'd be prepared to set up a temporary test with me? If so please e-mail me via the yellow envelope.

J. Thing

  Jim Thing 18:06 01 Jun 2005

...can't win 'em all.

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