logitech quickcam tries to reinstall itself??

  simonsup 20:03 08 May 2008

hi, after installing my logitech quickcam pro5000
software version 11.1 everything is fine for a
couple of weeks and then when i reboot my pc
quickcam keeps on trying to install when i get a desktop up, i keep cancelling the popup windows but to no avail.
i have eventually uninstalled it, now my pc seems slow. any idears why this is happening peeps?

Thanks, my specs:
amd athlon64 3400+ cpu (754skt)
abit kv80 mobo
gainwood geforce 6800 512ram agpx8 graphics card
creative xfi gamers soundcard
haulpage usb2 tv tunser stick
500gig usb2 external hard drive
250 pata internal harddrive.
600watt psu

  Technotiger 20:11 08 May 2008

Re-install the cam software again, if everything works properly after that then fine, if not then un-install it again using ...

click here

during the un-install (if you need to do that again), when you are asked if you want to re-start your pc now, decline do not re-start pc at this point. Continue with the Revo un-install as this program goes a bit further than most un-installers. When you get the window with choices to Select all and then Delete - do so. Continue until Revo has done its stuff, does not take long. When finished you can then re-start your pc to complete the process - you will now have a good clean-slate to re-install your cam software again, which should then work ok.

Good luck - I use the Quickcam Pro9000.

  simonsup 21:13 08 May 2008

sorry peeps forgot to mention im using xp pro sp3
and 2 gig of system ram.

i tried the latest version but still same problem, but only after a few weeks it plays up again.
i will try the revo prog to see if that helps :)

  simonsup 18:40 12 May 2008

ok everything has been fine untill tonight when i
got in from work, booted my pc and it has started
again, when the desktop eventually comes up so does
the pop up window saying please wait while logitech quickcam tries to reinstall itself :(
not sure what the problem is.
Im using v11.5 of the quickcam software.
makes no oddds if the webcam is plugged in or not.

  Technotiger 18:48 12 May 2008

I am using version is this the same as yours?

Also have you tried the Logitech website FAQ and/or contacted Logitech. I found them quite helpful when I had a small problem with mine on first setting it up.

  simonsup 22:41 12 May 2008

i will try the logitech website for answers,

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