Logitech MX510 Mouse Freeze

  WardaleM 09:05 06 Mar 2007

I have a Logitech MX510 mouse that has started freezing intermittently.

The mouse is USB originally connected to the PS2 port with a dongle. It randomly stops then quickly restarts (this takes approx 1 second-ish). I have tried: connecting straight into a USB port, reinstalling the Logitech software, removing the logitech software completely and using the standard mouse drivers, using an old PS2 ball mouse. I haven't been able to try a different (non-Logitech) USB mouse as I don't have access to one, or to connect the MX510 to a different computer (ditto).

I have also tried rolling back to a backup of my entire system - the problem is still there (although it seems to be a bit less frequent.

I am running Windows XP Home with all Windows updates.

Has anyone got any ideas on this? It is an annoyance in Word etc but a real issue when playing games.

Thanks in advance

  Technotiger 09:21 06 Mar 2007

Hi, having read a review of this mouse, the only thing I can suggest is to use it via the PS2 port which is, according to the review, fractionally faster than usb.

  Technotiger 09:22 06 Mar 2007

PS - forgot to mention, that mouse has a Three Year guarantee, maybe worth asking for a replacement.

  WardaleM 09:28 06 Mar 2007


The mouse was originally connected to the PS2 port when the problem first appeared. It now happens whether I am using the PS2 or USB port.

I will have to dig through my documents to check when it was purchased. However, as the problem exists with a different mouse, is it a mouse fault?

  Technotiger 09:40 06 Mar 2007

Hmmm, same problem with different mouse, probably not the mouse itself then. Can you perhaps try it on a friends pc, a process of elimination.

Other things to check, again perhaps, a bit of thorough hard-drive maintenance. Delete cookies/files in IE, run your AdAware or anti-everything programs. Do a disk cleanup and then a full defrag.

Also check your RAM/Graphics card and maybe a mouse driver update. Check your screen Refresh rates.

Can't think of anything else off-hand.

  WardaleM 10:11 06 Mar 2007

Thanks for your help.

I'll have a cleanup of my PC when I get home tonight.

If this doesn't work I have a disc image of a totally clean install - I'll roll back to this and see if it has any effect. This should determine if it is a software issue.

Is there anything hardware related in the PC that could be the cause?

  Technotiger 12:22 06 Mar 2007

The only hardware related issue could possibly be the hard-drive temporarily slowing up or graphics card or RAM - but as the problem is so slight it would be quite difficult to pin-point any one thing.

You could check to see if there are any yellow exclamation marks anywhere in Devices.

  WardaleM 12:43 06 Mar 2007

I am fairly certain it is the mouse as I get the "USB device Disconnected" tone followed almost immediately by the "USB Device Connected" tone. There are no other USB devices connected

  Technotiger 12:45 06 Mar 2007

I assume you have tried the mouse in all your other usb ports?

  WardaleM 13:04 06 Mar 2007


I have 2 at the front, 4 on a blanking plate at the back and 4 on the backplate. All give the same response.

  WardaleM 22:03 06 Mar 2007

Well that didn't work.
I reinstalled a totally clean XP build from a disc image.

Tried playing around with freecell, there wasn't much else I could do to use the mouse. The problem happened again.

This must rule out software, I have tried all the USB ports and tried a different mouse.

There is a bit of fluff inside the machine. Could this be the cause?

The kid's are asleep now so I'll try to clean it out tomorrow to see if this has any effect.

If that fails what else can I try (apart from percussive maintenance)?

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