Logitech MX 518 mouse stopped working. Help please

  LAP 18:39 19 Jul 2008

Just got over loads of problems to get a new DVD rewriter to work. This now up and running but the Optical mouse has stopped working. This is attached to a Logitech G15 keyboard. I have also tried every USB connection.

The optical light is not illuminated. This only illuminates when I go into the BIOS.

In the TaskBar it states new hardware found.

I have tried the mouse on another computer and it works fine.

Because I have no mouse I cannot get into Add Remove Programs to delete and reinstall.

I have downloaded the latest drivers from Logitech
but without a mouse this causes problems.

Any ideas please?

if you still have the usb to ps2 adapter plug it in the ps2 socket it will work on m/s drivers.
it's a green adaptor

  LAP 18:59 19 Jul 2008

adman 2 Thanks for replying.

I have sorted it I did not realise that you could use the Tab key to get further into 'everything' ie Add Or Remove Programs. This i have done and deleted it. Plugged mouse in restarted computer and it now works.


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