Logitech Com STX and MSN Messenger Mic Problem

  Phil930 02:15 07 Sep 2005

I recently purchased a logitech communicate stx webcam with built in mic. The camera side of things works great, but I am having problems with the microphone. I am using it with MSN Messenger version 7.5. What happens is after a few mins of talking on a video conversation the mic suddenly starts a high pitched noise which is almost unbearable for the person on the other end of the conversation. Even if i turn the mic volume to as low as possible the noise still comes though.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions?

  AndySD 02:24 07 Sep 2005

Sounds like feedback from your speakers. Try moving the speakers to a different position.

  Jim Thing 10:19 07 Sep 2005

Or try using headphones instead of your speakers. That solved a similar problem for me.

  Phil930 01:28 08 Sep 2005

How far from the mic do the speakers need to go as I have moved them from about 4 inches to about 2 foot and still the problem persists. I do not have any more room to play with here.

This is frustrating!

  Thalmus 01:44 08 Sep 2005

It could be feedback from the others persons computer, have them do the same

  A3 16:49 18 Sep 2005

Have you managed to resolve your sound issue? I am having the same problem with a LogiTech camera with built-in microphone. I have moved the camera clear of the speakers and all other cables and still I get a high pitched squeal. I still have to try a separate microphone.

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