Login and redirection

  slowhand_1000 23:41 20 Jul 2005

I have a site and wish to make it so that when for example, userA arrives, they login and enter a password (though the password is not critical) and on clicking the 'submit' button they get directed to userA.html

Then, when userB comes along, they login and on clicking 'submit' they get sent to userB.html.

Is there an easy way to set this up?

  Taran 16:33 24 Jul 2005

There's a few ways around this but it very much depends on having a clear view of your intentions.

Do you want a user to have a user area within the site that holds content particular to that user, or is your content going to be available to all users but you want the site to personalise it by using their name (after login) on pages and so on ?

If you can clarify what it is you want, a solution could be easier to recommend.

In brief, I use user sessions to personalise content. A user gives their username (for the sake of argument) and every page after that welcomes that user by name and displays information on where they've been within the site and so on.

Alternatively on a large site with many registered users it might be desirable to have a user enter the site and be redirected to their content (username/password combination matches redirect location and permission to access it).

Can you give more info ?

  slowhand_1000 18:09 24 Jul 2005

Taran, thanks for the reply.

Sorry I didn't explain it that well.

I would like the user to have their own area, so userA will log in and be directed to their own part of the site. The area doesn't need to be personalised or anything like that. I just need them to be able to get to userA.html then from there everything will be plain sailing.

Also, the issue of security isn't all that high on the agenda. There's going to be nothing sensitive kept on the site. So I'm hoping that something simple could be used.



  Taran 18:48 24 Jul 2005

If security isn't an issue at all, why not just create the user area and give each one an unusual folder name like u1 (user 1).

Then make an index.html page that lives in the folder, and email the user a link to it.

Your link for Joe Bloggs would be http : // www . your-site-name . co . uk /u1/ index.html while your link for me could be http : // www . your-site-name . co . uk /u2/ index.html

The hyperlink could read anything you like, along the lines of Click Here or you could even assign an image to it, assuming your visitors can receive HTML email.

Failing that, you'll have to use a user redirect script - some are free but the better ones cost money. They take a database of username/login details and when details are matched the redirect script does what it says on the tin and redirects to a URL, which you manually enter into the database.

There are som very nice redirect scripts on Hotscripts.com and on cgi.resourceindex.com


  slowhand_1000 20:03 24 Jul 2005

Cheers Taran

The redirect script sounds like the way (if I can sort it) so I'll go and have a look at Hotscripts and cgi.resourceindex

At least I know what to look for.

Thanks again


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