Login password not recognised

  Python33 20:53 02 Apr 2011

Just brought new Desktop, setup the password and had to restart now it wont accept the password. Dont have a recovery disc, nor operating disc (going to complain about that later) im on Windows 7. how can i get back in? i dont care if i lose data, aslong as i still have the preinstalled software, ie operating software ect.
Any help please....

  MAJ 20:59 02 Apr 2011

You don't say which password you set, Bios or Windows. If it's only a Windows password restart in Safe Mode, enter the Administrators account, which by default has no password. Then from the Administrator's account, delete the password on the other account, then restart normally. You could also have typed the password incorrectly, check that out first.

  robin_x 21:06 02 Apr 2011

Also check CAPS LOCK

  Python33 21:27 02 Apr 2011

it is the first password you need when registering/ logging on, guess its the admin. cant get into safe mode, tried reseting "user password" from the bios. but still wont work. as for the cap lock point, i have tried multiple variations just in case. still wont do it, what if i press "load default settings" from CMOS setup?

  rossgolf 21:42 02 Apr 2011

how do you mean you cant get into safe mode. have you tried tapping F8 as you boot to get the option for it?
and the bios has nothing to do with the windwos password

  Python33 22:13 02 Apr 2011

F8 isnt working, going to take it back to Shop tomorrow, no reply from Packard bell yet but guess thats not unusual. hope they can get it working as its a lovely PC.
Thanks for the advice, if you have any other suggestions please keep replying. will keep thread open for another day.

  lotvic 22:18 02 Apr 2011

"press "load default settings" from CMOS setup"
Don't mess with the bios. That won't get you anywhere, nothing to do with Windows password as rossgolf has said.

What is the make and model of your new W7 pc?

  lotvic 22:33 02 Apr 2011

I see we cross posted - Best of luck at the shop and hope you get it sorted.

  BT 08:24 03 Apr 2011

We have been using computers for over 20 years and have never felt the need to use a password on our Home desktops. I can see the need for using them on Laptops if you take them away from home, but for a computer used only at home I don't think its necessary, unless you really don't trust your family.

  MAJ 10:26 03 Apr 2011

I, like you, have never used Windows or Bios passwords, there's no need to, except in the comfort feeling it gives some people. At home, it's like having your own bedroom and not allowing your siblings in there, it's not that you have anything to hide, but it's your 'territory' and you have to have the feeling that you're protecting it.

"I can see the need for using them on Laptops if you take them away from home...."

Any laptop/desktop password can be removed in a matter of seconds by someone who knows what they're doing, they're there to deter the casual nosy parker only. If you want to keep something safe, secure and secret then don't put it on a computer.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:39 03 Apr 2011

Restart the computer.

Press "F11" as the computer is loading.

Highlight "Recover PC" and press "Enter."

Press "Y" to confirm the restoration, at which time your computer will be automatically restored.

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