Login name for PCA forum dissapearing

  johnem 22:44 15 Nov 2006

Evening all,
I know this has been asked on numerous occassions before, but recently, long before my playing with IE 7, once I am logged into the forum, if I am browsing a subject and click on the "helproom" button, my login will be lost and if I wish to reply or post a new thread I have to sign in again. I have updated my details, each time I logon, I have also deleted each line of my details in turn, just incase they had been corrupted.
Since then I have completely re-installed Windows XP pro, thinking that that should have rectified any problems lingering from the previous install.
I know in the greater scale of things, this is not a high priority, but it is annoying.
Any ideas please.

  anskyber 23:08 15 Nov 2006

Two things.

First have you checked your username (top left) and selected "always keep me logged in"?

Secondly how do you handle cookies? do you have a cleaner? If so the PCA cookie will go and require a fresh log in. Many cleaners allow sites to be saved.

  johnem 23:16 15 Nov 2006

I have just checked that I have ticked the box to keep me logged in. As soon as I click on "Update Details", my login appeared at the top left hand side. Clicked on helproom to view this thread and had to login again before I could reply. However, if I shut the browser down and then re-open it, and select PCA, I notice that I am already logged in. Then click on helproom and the login disappears. Very strange. I ahve not checked ny cookies cleaners yet, but I thought they only worked when initiated. May be something is in the background wiping things, now I am being unlogical!!

  johnem 23:23 15 Nov 2006

Just noticed another strange thing. When I click on 'helproom' and loose my login, if I click on refresh, then my login re-appears. Obviously it also re-appears if I click on back in the browser. So now to save time, once I am logged in and it dissapears, all I need to do is hit F5 and I am logged back in. I have no clues at all. Any ideas?

  anskyber 23:32 15 Nov 2006

Have you allowed session cookies? tools, internet options, privacy, and assuming you have a custom setting, advanced.

  birdface 23:34 15 Nov 2006

I used to have the same sort of problem, Always started PCA from my favorites,I deleted it, And Started it from address bar, Worked ok. So saved it back to My Favorites, Worth a try.

  johnem 22:34 16 Nov 2006

Evening anskyber and buteman. I have just tried both of your suggestions and still have the same result. Site loses the login, but it is re-instated once I click on refresh. Ho hum.

  birdface 23:00 16 Nov 2006

Sorry no help to you at all, Can only think it can be a cookie or firewall problem. You have downloaded all the Microsoft up-dates from yesterday,Or maybe running Norton A/V.

  birdface 00:09 17 Nov 2006

One last thing to try,Tools, Internet Options, Privacy, Advanced, Tick override automatic cookie handling, . accept first party cookies, Block third party cookies, Tick always allow session cookies, See if that helps.

  anskyber 13:19 17 Nov 2006

Are you using C Cleaner? click here

  johnem 22:24 29 Nov 2006

Think I may have solved this problem. I tried the combination of your last advice, to no avail. I have now entered pcadvisor.co.uk into the sites area of privacy in tools-internet options- and selected allow. I have also reset to default the "cookies" and "mobile code" in the privacy section of ZoneAlarm Pro. At least it appears to be working tonight. I have also found that if certain other websites are not responding properly, an adjustment in this area of ZoneAlarm, sometimes helps.
Thanks for your suggestions.

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