Login Failed at Windows Update

  wids001 03:40 14 Jul 2011

Has anyone else had probs with last nights updates? Running Win 7 64bit, system update with 5 updates on shutdown. Went thru normal shutdown procedure but normally updates show 30% before shutting down.

On restart update got to 30% before rebooting then completed to 100% and the login screen. Then I noticed that whilst I could move the curser I couldn't enter my password either by typing it in or by touchscreen. CTR#ALT#DEL did nothing so I had to force a shutdown by holding power button in.

On reboot I went into safe mode and it loaded various files before shutting down. When I again switch on I was recommended to run the start-up repair program, which I did and after rebooting am able to get back into my system.

Anyone have any ideas why this happened or has anyone else had problems after the last updates?

  wids001 03:42 14 Jul 2011

Should have said that normally the system updates to 30% before shutdown but this time it didn't, after the warning not to shut down computer, updating file 5 of 6, "shutting down" came up and the system shut down seemingly as normal.

  wids001 03:58 14 Jul 2011

This is strange. The 5 updates from 13.07.11 are showing as being successfully installed. However I am now being told I have the same 5 updates ready to be installed again! The updates are KB2507938, KB2532531, KB2555917,KB2533623, KB890830.

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