LOGIK MP3 player wont switch on

  Halmer 15:49 09 Aug 2006

My lad's MP3 player has been working fine but now when he tries to turn it on the screen flashes blue then turns off. In addition the device is no longer being recognised when plugged in to the USB port.

Any ideas please. I've searched Google and it appears to be a common problem but I have not been able to find the solution.


  Pamy 16:19 09 Aug 2006

Battery OK? are you sure?

  Halmer 16:25 09 Aug 2006

Bought new ones and tried one that I know is working also.

  skidzy 16:31 09 Aug 2006

Halmer you say .... In addition the device is no longer being recognised when plugged in to the USB port.

Have you checked in My Computer to see if it is listed ?

If you can get it to work via the usb,the battery option will not apply as the usb will power the mp3 player.
I would suggest if the usb works after looking in My Computer,is to then look for a firmware update if one is availble for your model.

Have you also checked in Device Manager for any yellow exclaimation marks under Universal Serial Bus Controllers.If you have any Yellow exclaimation marks uninstall them and reboot your pc.Xp will find the drivers and reinstall them.

This is assuming you have XP.

Hope this helps.

  Halmer 17:22 09 Aug 2006

It is appearing now in My Computer (it wasn't before) but it still wont switch on for some reason.

Where do I get the firmware from as I can't find Logik's site.


  skidzy 18:00 09 Aug 2006

Halmer,if you got a cd with the player...it should have the firmware on it.Alternatively you could try this.

As the player is a removal storage device,try following these instructions.

Plug the mp3 player in via usb.
In My Computer/Right click the drive/Properties/Hardware/Properties/Update Driver

Also:Right click the drive/properties/Tools/complete the error check and also defrag the device.

I know this may not cure the power on problem,but may help.

Also,are you holding the power button in to turn on the device ?

Ive found several threads relating the same problem you have and no firmware upgrade.It seems your player is a rebadged Sigmatel (who are they !)

Still looking :-)

  skidzy 18:41 09 Aug 2006

After further research,it seems you need to flash the mp3 player with the firmware from the cd that should have came with the device.

If possible can you post the firmware version you have please.

I have a link for you,but absolutely no idea of the firmware upgrade you may need.Please be aware that if you flash the incorrect firmware..you risk totally crashing the device and all content saved.

Link,use at your own risk : click here

Good luck

  Halmer 19:39 09 Aug 2006

I've found the original CD that came with it.

  Halmer 19:45 09 Aug 2006

Ran the 'Firmware Download' where it looks for compatable devices on your PC and it's working now.

Thanks for your time and patience.

Just need to get my Linksys Router working properly now. Grrrrrrr.....................

  yahweh70 02:57 29 Dec 2006

I have an hdd40, which throws up hdd format error when starting up. I can't get xp to recognise the drive for more than a second or two, and have lost the original disc. I can't get it to format, or reformat.

Any ideas?

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