Logic Gates

  User-E04998D5-96DE-4572-896608690ED63A09 14:25 23 Feb 2007

1.How can an AND function be constructed from two NAND gate?

2.Use a truth table to show that P=(P+Q) or (P AND NOT Q).

There exist 4 boolean functions of a single variable and 16 functions of 2 variables. How many functions of 3 and 4 variables are there as well as n variable?

  VoG II 14:27 23 Feb 2007


VOG I will tick resolved if it is answered but it's not still not answered yet.

If you can or say anyone please make your inputs..


  tullie 14:47 23 Feb 2007

Yes,please tick as resolved so we dont have to read it and think theres a nutter in our midst

  Meshuga 14:48 23 Feb 2007

Sounds like cheating to me rather than a computer fault?

If u don't know leave it. May I remind u that this is a help room.
I hope this is now clear to u all nuts...

Bravo to those who understand this situation even though they can't help.

Those who can help I thank you in advance cheers.

However, I have found a solution to the 1st question so don't bother with it.


  tullie 15:13 23 Feb 2007

Ok,tell us the answer

  Madscot_uk 17:35 23 Feb 2007

Have a look at this pdf document, it covers most of what your asking


The link is direct to the PDF as i couldn't find it direct from the site


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