logging in problem

  odelay123 22:27 17 Aug 2007

i have 2 user accounts on my pc and have a problem when i 1st boot ps.

what i want to come up is both the user names to come up so i can enter password on either account.

what i get at the moment is a screen where i have to enter the user and the password. so basically the users are hidden and you have to enter all the information.

the main issue i have with this set up is that i cannot switch user. i have to log off and then enter the other user name and password. this is a pain when i have say skyanytime open and a few internet pages open i have to log in and get it all up again.

cheers for any advice

  Devil Fish 22:34 17 Aug 2007

i assume you are using xp

click start then go to control panel / user accounts/
change the way users logon or off check use the welcome screen check fast user switching /apply options next time you start up you should see the welcome screen and all user accounts

(to check box simply click on it )

  odelay123 22:40 17 Aug 2007


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