Logging out XP

  old fogey 20:04 16 Jun 2004

Can anyone tell me a way to stop the sreen saver logging me out of what ever programme I am using.

The problem is when I use the computer at work I have to log in as the administrator in order to use the specific benefit programmes (I am a welfare rights worker and I help people to fill in disability applications on line). However when I am talking to people either the screen saver (set to 15 minutes) or XP's or the computers energy saver not sure which but the monitor goes black as if it was turned off kicks in. If I press enter or move the mouse the log in screen appears and I have to use the password to get back into the programme I was using.I use XP professional at work and I am new to this operating system.

Thanks in anticipation.

  spikeychris 20:28 16 Jun 2004

From the screen saver tab (IE: right click desktop, properties, screen-saver) untick "On resume password protect"

  PSF 20:31 16 Jun 2004

Right click an empty part of the screen>> click properties>>open screen saver tab>> un-check the box in the middle that says 'on resume, display welcome screen'. Then the log in screen will not appear after the screen saver turns off.

  PSF 20:32 16 Jun 2004

snap LOL

  johnsims 20:32 16 Jun 2004

Right click on the desktop, select Properties from the menu.
From the Display Properties Window that pops up select the Screen Saver Tab.
On that tab you can select which (or indeed whether you have one) the screen saver and also set the time for screen saver activation. You can also tell it not to ask for a password after activation, but in your job I would not change that.
If you click on the power settings you can change the times for msuch things as monitor off etc
Easy enough if you know where
Have fun.
Another chronologically challenged computer user.

  old fogey 20:35 16 Jun 2004

Thanks spikeychris I knew someone out there would know:))

  old fogey 20:41 16 Jun 2004

Thanks PSF and johnsims I had already started replying to spikeychris so I did not see your postings

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