Logging on to new router

  manrow 19:09 22 Jan 2008

I recently setup a new router, which works fine with the laptop I used to do this. However other laptops all demand a network key. which I did not note down. Is there anyway this is retrievable?

  MAJ 19:14 22 Jan 2008

It should be visible on your router's setup page, under wireless security settings.

  manrow 19:25 22 Jan 2008

Thank you MAJ, but you are way ahead of me. How do I find the router's setup page?

This is the first time I have ever done this and it only worked because of the comprehensive Sky instructions!

  MAJ 19:35 22 Jan 2008

Your router will have a setup page with all the settings on it, usually accessed by typing it's address into your browser, something like for example. To find out what yours is go to Start > Run, type in:


and click OK. Then in the the black box, type:


and click OK. You will see a "Default Gateway" entry, that is the address of your router's setup page. Type that into your browser and you will get a box asking you for a username and password. I think the defaults for Sky are "admin" and "admin" (without the quote marks) click OK and you should see all your router's settings. Look for the Wireless Security settings, your Security Password should be there.

  MAJ 19:40 22 Jan 2008

The address might be with a username of "admin" and a password of "sky" (without the quotes), manrow.

  Quiller. 19:56 22 Jan 2008

The sky router. It could be there:)

  manrow 20:09 22 Jan 2008

MAJ thank you again!

Your last suggestion correctly quoted the username and password!!

  manrow 20:26 22 Jan 2008

Unfortunately no sign of Wireless Security settings nor Security Password?

  Quiller. 21:08 22 Jan 2008

Download a free copy of SIW. click here

Look under security, it sometimes gives the encryption key.

  MAJ 21:12 22 Jan 2008

What is the model number of your router, manrow, I'm assuming it's a Netgear something-or-other?

  manrow 22:00 22 Jan 2008

Is it better to delete the installation, and start again recording carefully all passwords etc.?

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